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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thursday's Teddy Bears Picnic with Melody

We have been all dressed and ready for the picnic but blogger wouldn't play nice. My name is "Sarah" and my dolly and I and our friends "Brittany" and "Wild Willy" have our favourite rug and some Timeouts choccies to share (there's only a couple 'cos Michelle is eating the the rest! Growl!)
I was made by a clever lady...Heather Ritter and I am a "Ritzy Bear". Michelle bought me home from the Brisbane bear show a few years back. That's where I met "Brittany" who was made by Jane Sponza of Christina Jane Bears. Michelle couldn't choose so she took us both home. We came to live with her and that's where we met "Wild Willy" who has his very own blue teacup. He is only about 4 inches tall and no fur conditioner can tame his wild fur. He was a handmade gift to Michelle from a friend. We have our coats on so we are off to see who else is picnicing over at MELODY'S today... why don't you come with us!
Sarah, Brittany and Wild Willy and of course dolly
I love a close up!
Willy is very shy and loves to hide in his teacup
Michelle said to tell you she has the winner of the AUGUST giveaway at the end of this post. She says we have to do it because she can't talk with her mouth full (another Timeout!!!)

So  I am 'beary' excited to tell you the winner of Michelle's AUGUST giveaway is MARINA from 'maisie and the boys'. Congratulations! Marina! Please send Michelle your snail mail address so she can send you your winnings.
Bear Hugs from Sarah, Brittany and Wild Willy. (and Michelle) XXX


  1. Hi Michelle. The close up of Sarah and Brittany is gorgeous. Such a lovely look on their faces! And Willy is so cute and tiny. Love the little quilt they are sitting on.
    Hope you enjoyed the Time Out feast. Mmmm....

  2. What a gorgeous hug of bears. They're all so cute, but Wild Willy has my heart he he!!!See you at the picnic xx

  3. That is such an enjoyable post Michelle, I love all the Bears and Dolly too, I also have a little Teacup Teddy, I must remember to let her go on a future picnic. Enjoy those Time Outs, YUM, but let the Bears have a taste. Blogger is not playing fair today, I hope you get this comment.Cheers R.

  4. Cute bunch of bears... or is it a tribe.... or a cove.... whichever.. they are cute and so is the lovely quilt they are on.... well done to Marina... a nice one to have won....

  5. thankyou Sarah, Brittany and wild Willy, please tell Michelle to have another timeout for me!
    You are such lovley bears.
    I am so lucky to have won the giveaway!

  6. Congratulations Marina. Happy stitching.

    Wild Willy is such a cutie hiding in his tea cup! Sarah and Brittany are just gorgeous too.

    I hope the bears got some chocolate. You did share didnt you? That's only manners...

  7. Can see why you couldn't choose. Wild Willy is special with his tea cup though.

  8. Sarah and Brittany are gorgeous - glad they got their coats on it was cool at the picnic.
    I love Wild Willy and his fur looks just perfect the way it is - don't think he has much chance of hiding anywhere with flyaway fur like that though I can see why he takes refuge in his tea cup so that he doesn't get caught under foot(paw).
    Lucky Marina.


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