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Friday, August 5, 2011

Favourite things Friday.

The wonderful SHAY over at 'Quilting in my Pyjamas hosts FAVOURITE THINGS FRIDAY every Friday (naturally) and so today if I am perfectly honest my 'favourite thing' is still being in my rattiest and I MEAN rattiest Jim Jams, my old blue dressing gown and old floppy know the kind. The ones cute little mice make a home in except mine are now so big I think a family of possums is more likely to take up residence. I certainly didn't want to show you a photo of those favourites seeing as you probably all have just had brekky. I have just finished a warm bowl of porrige with cinnamon and raw sugar and coffee in my favourite cup (you know the one I mean). All this got me thinking to how much I dislike the cold weather and how much I would love to just hibernate until Spring comes again (now I know you're laughing and saying she lives in sunny Queensland) That may be so but if you blow on me I'm cold....which brings me to this....
Another favourite of mine is a gorgeous book of photography by extremely talented German film maker "Andreas Kieling" on the subject of wild bears. It's called "Spirit of the Bear". The photographs and information about wild bears is so wonderful.What got me collecting the 'handmade' variety was my fascination with the real thing for as long as I can remember.
This morning I think we have a lot in common as I browse through my book:
1. Love to hibernate
2. Love to 'hang around' sometimes going out on a limb wondering how to get back!
3. Fiercely loyal to Family especially ones own cubs.
4. Love Salmon or any seafood really (I don't think they really like porrige)
5. The shaggy unkempt Look is 'High Bear Fashion'
So here's to the 'Spirit' of all 'Bear' type beings may they be many and happy.
Visit Shay to see what other 'Favourites' are being shared.

I have been doing a lot of stitching also....sorry they all looked scrumpled they were in my stitching bag. LOL!
Anreas Kieling's "Spirit of the Bear"
Don't they do it well?
I often find myself "out on a limb"
Various stitching efforts of late.
Don't forget August giveaway (see previous post)
Bear hugs to you all today,
Blessings Michelle


  1. Oh well done. Yes I think you do have quite a few similarities with your beloved bears. Are you cuddly too?

  2. LOL this post made me laugh! Bears are great :-)

  3. Great FTF post. I'm with you on the hibernating!

  4. Great post...aren´t the pics in that book just awesome??

  5. I love Qld winters. Love bears too, and quite agree with the similarities.
    Love lounging around in my flannel pj's and fluffy slippers on a cold winter morning.

  6. Haha, like the 'High Bear Fashion'. Good to meet you via FTF.

  7. Im with you on the hibernating idea. I despise winter and cant wait for Spring to hit with a vengeance.

    And how could I not love the idea of lounging round in my pj's? It inspired my entire blog.

    (There is no such thing as a really manky pair of PJ's- they're just really old and really well loved ones)

  8. Oh... jimjams... I tried to persuade hubz this mornign that I could just drive him to town in my comfy flannels.... he wouldn't budge!! Surely we can inspire people that it is a fashion item????

  9. Ah it seems you are not alone in hibernating.
    I do like the jimjams and the bear pics in that book are amazing. Great fave!

  10. I can so relate to hibernating, in my jammies, dressing gown and slippers. Love not having to go anywhere on those days I can just stay home and stay in said jammies. Love salmon and seafood "a-la-natural" not with all different things cooked on be fierce if my family/friends are attacked and could tear anybody should have been a "she bear"
    Hugs Khris


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