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Friday, January 31, 2020


This week was one of milestones for family and friends. Our oldest Grandson headed off to high school.....they are growing up so fast.
Good luck hugs from sisters and brothers for the new school year.

One of my dear friends Bev celebrated a special  milestone birthday this month and so a lunching we did go.....the birthday girl....
It was a lovely, special time spent together.
These are times to be treasured. I thoroughly enjoyed drawing a rose as my gift for this special birthday. Happy birthday Bev xx

Speaking of treasures......
I am about to move all of my sewing treasures into the other lifting and lugging is in my future plans...
The reason? This once prettily pink wallpapered bedroom belonged to my now very adult daughter.....

It is now very shabby and in a word.....GHASTLY! I have been longing to get it off and painted but my sewing supplies just got bigger and bigger and the thought of moving it all filled me with dread. However after my bit of a cull recently, I am now ready to go the extra mile and GET IT OFF! So wish me Mister and I are about to attack it very shortly! Arrrgggh!
1797 is moving swiftly now......4 smaller rows in each corner to go.
Yippee! Then it will be time to think about how to finish it off.....I don't want to chop any bits off it to add machined borders so the thinking cap will be on.
I wish you all a lovely weekend.
                                - Franz Kafka
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Just caught up on your posts, Michelle. Beautiful grandsons and what an exquisite rose! You are multi talented. Love your Flowerville blocks and 1797 which is almost a finish. Good luck with the move!

  2. How special for your grandson Michelle - yes they do grow up so very fast! Your rose for your friend is absolutely stunning - I adore your art work. Good luck with the stripping of wallpaper - use lots of warm water to really wet it & even a bit of dishwashing liquid doesn't hurt. I used to help my Dad do this - he was a painter & paperhanger.

  3. Your eldest GS looks very dashing in his High School uniform... enjoy your years there .......time goes so quickly..
    Such a beautiful Rose for your friends special birthday you all enjoyed together.
    Nearly there with your 1797.....
    Happy weekend to you too!

  4. It will be interesting to see how you finish 1797; I am sure it will be lovely whatever your do. Good luck with the wallpaper removal. Your room will feel wonderfully refreshed when you move back in .xxx

  5. Oh how exciting..High School. All of my Grandkids are in high school or finished school...feeling a bit old. Especially with a Great Granddaughter who turns 1 in a couple of weeks...🥰.
    So pleased you are getting the room painted...been talking about it for awhile now. hehe. Looks like a great celebration for your friend. Wow 1797 is coming along too. Enjoy your week.😁

  6. Oh, I remember that style of paper......we used blue in our previous house, way back when! Congratulations to the new high school boy, that is quite the milestone.

  7. Lovely pictures of the grandies... all the best to L for high school.... I think I have some vintage sheet fabric in that pattern if you think you might like to just redecorate with a cushion!! haha... it will be worth it, even if your back tells you otherwise. YOur rose picture is beautiful...

  8. How exciting, high school!! They do grow up so quickly.
    Your gift for Bev is gorgeous. She is very lucky.
    Good luck with the big sewing shuffle. Just look at the positives - all the goodies you will re-discover - and the lovely finish in the room when it is done. Well worth it!

  9. My goodness the grand children are growing up quickly!! Good luck with the room redecorating. Your rose picture is stunning.

  10. Loving the rose. Good luck with your wallpaper. I have a house full I wish I was able to remove it but I'm not.

  11. Gosh, when did the grandies grow up so much?! I hope they all enjoy being back at school. Have fun with the re-decorating of your sewing room - I wonder what else you will find to fiddle and fix while everything is moved out?! I love the rose you drew for Bev, it's beautiful!

  12. Best wishes to your grandson as the next door opens for him. Good luck with the decorating.


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