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Saturday, January 11, 2020

All Things Green and Bushfire Blocks

After we had some noxious Cocos palms removed from our pool area a few years ago it looked dreadful and the whole garden bed needed seeing to! The remaining trunk and roots bits had to be helped along to break down. Finally the Mister decided it was friable enough to have a good old clean out and he did a great job!

There are still a few rocks to gather together artistically lol! And then it will be ready for less invasive and more wildlife friendly natives.
This enabled me to utilise my Christmas gift from dear husband......a new bird bath for this area......
It is situated next to a large red bottlebrush that the birds just love and it has  lots of trimmed lower branches to rest on and check out the bath in safety!
Love it! Do you have water stations for wildlife in your crucial in this on going drought. I have 2 bird baths in my front garden.....I get great joy seeing a magpie, butcher bird or lorikeet having a good old drink or frolic in them.

And the last one I made when I first began pottery many moons ago. Sadly its base is long since broken....but....I use the top as a lizard and small critters water station.....and they do use it. Being very shallow it is perfect!  I have seen bees perched on the pottery rocks and drinking and lots of lizards......even a lazy, fat bottomed possum, one evening who couldn't be bothered leaning down from the low branch near the other bird baths lol!
I spent some time this week making some blocks for the folk effected by these horrific bushfires. It is being coordinated by Wollongong Modern Quilt Guild and if you look for them on Instagram or Facebook you will get the details, if you wish to join in too.
The theme is leaves, seedlings and new growth....if you follow the hashtag #bushfireblocks once there you will get some ideas.
These are mine...need a press....sorry!
I think we all feel a bit helpless in these it was good to contribute.
Still on green....I sadly cannot tolerate onions or garlic (which I love) but I can, spring onions....the green bits. However buying them in bunches, some always goes to waste......I dislike waste A LOT!  So I decided to bung the leftover bulb and roots bit into my vegie patch to see what would happen....... so I could perhaps do a visit and pick scenario.....AND they haven't died! Woohoo! So fingers more wastage! Snip, snip, snip, when I need them....
I am still enjoying sewing my little stitchery and it is coming along.
Such a sweet design.
Can you smell coffee? No? I can! You'll probably need one after that long winded post.....byeee!
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Love your donation blocks. Your stitchery is looking great. Hugs,xx

  2. Great idea with the bird baths , we have three here and a low one for ground beasties. Your tree blocks are beautiful, great idea to help out and the stitchery is lovely too.

  3. Indeed......we have two high and one low bird baths, and they are much appreciated! If you put a few stones in the low one it gives bees somewhere to sit above the water without falling in and drowning, I am told. Another one here who has tried the spring onion trick, I just shove the whole bunch in and it grows. Your tree blocks are beautiful!

  4. Hi Michelle. I have two large bird baths & two teacup ones in my garden. I love seeing the birds have a drink. Yours look great! Lovely blocks to send - I like the theme of new green life beginning. Yes we sure do feel helpless as we listen to the news reports.

  5. Loved this post Michelle. Your new birdbath is gorgeous, and they are hard to find these days. I really like your idea of having several water stations, and am thinking we could do that here. Well done with the tidy pool surrounds - we know how those palms can go/grow!!! xx

  6. Oh I just love your bird bath, and I bet the birds do too. I have a couple of dishes around the garden for birds to have a drink from, but could probably do with another one out the front of the house.

    I love your quilt blocks for the bush fire quilts.

  7. I love bird baths too.

    Sadly I only have one and its sprung a leak and Hubby is getting around to it..been years.
    Love the bushfires block...must visit site.
    Oh the garden looks great...well done Mister.

  8. lovely post.... it is great having bird baths to watch.... I should put some more in... we were getting wallabies sometimes to ours. Great blocks there and your stitchery is very sweet and coming along well too...

  9. Great Christmas gift Your garden looks lovely and the pool looks very inviting

  10. Great gift from hubby. I also have bird baths and enjoy the birds and wildlife ..
    Lovely greenery blocks and stitched ones.

  11. Hi Michelle oh Gary did well,love the bird bath.
    I said to hubby about putting some bird baths in for the animals and bird and he looked at me said they drink from the dam ,lol,I forgot we had the dam there for a minute,lol.
    Gary did a wonderful job around the pool,it will look fantastic once your plants are in.
    Well done on making your lovely blocks they will be well received,Namaste and blessings my friend xx

  12. Our bird bath has been frozen the last couple of mornings! But to be serious, yes, in the summer we have lots of water stations around the garden - not just for the birds but the bees too and anything elsethat likes to partake. I read recently about planting the base of spring onions for regrowth and am keen to try this come summer. xx

  13. Beautiful appliques. Love your poolside area and your bird bath. I am currently looking for one myself.


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