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Saturday, January 18, 2020

FNSI January

I think perhaps I just managed to sneak in to sign up for our January...
WENDY at SUGARLANE QUILTS  gathered us together....thank you x
I continued on with my mission to complete 1797 Revisited. So I finished sewing the last five cream pieces on the last long round......
So I am on to the four corners....I got the next lot of pieces basted for the corners before bed.....
I decided on another red row. Getting a bit excited to be doing these.....the end is definitely in sight!
Because I have a little black house guest....a sad one at that....who insists on sitting on my quilt.......
I am going to treat myself to some tracing on another project that has been tempting me to start.....whispering to me every time I passed by it lol!
Flowerville, a gorgeous pattern by Rosalie Dekker. I have decided that I am going to stitch it all in one colour....Cottage Garden Thread....Pansy.  It goes nicely with all my brighter Tilda fabrics. I shocked myself that I loved these brighter colours.
Not at all my usual colour palette.....but love them I do!
I hope wherever you are if here in Aus. that you are getting some of this lovely rain.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. We have had some very welcome showers indeed, Michelle! Love your house guest......poor pupster, he does look miserable. Your magpie plate is really gorgeous, how wonderful that some designs are sold out - they must be very pleased.

  2. Bet you are pleased to be nearly at the end of 1797..
    Oh your house guest doesn't look happy at all....
    I remember when your friend Fiona stitched Flowerville. A very lovely project and you've chosen some pretty thread.

  3. Hi Michelle beautiful work my friend,your 1797 looks awesome great to see the end in sight.
    Awwh poor puppy missing his family.
    Can't wait to see your flowerville blocks,hope you have a wonderful weekend,Namaste and blessing to you my friend xx

  4. poor sad dog... he will cheer up soon. well done with the basting and yay to have flowerville starting... woohoo.

  5. Oh that's so exciting to be on the home run with your 1797! And nice to see you planning another project too. Flowerville will look gorgeous in the Tildas and Pansy.

  6. Exciting to be heading the end of a project, like the red. Wonderful new project. Ah poor Diesel, I am sure he will come right soon.

  7. Your guest does look very sad...but gorgeous. Wow really getting there with the new colour. That pansy colour will look great.

  8. Lovely choice for the NeXT project...& happy to sit and sew with you on Friday night too...xox

  9. 1797 looks great, it's so motivating when the end is in sight.

  10. Up to the corners - that is exciting!
    And your four legged friend does look like s/he is missing family.
    Rain - yes, lots. Huge puddles outside at the moment and a very loud thunderstorm going through.


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