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Friday, February 7, 2020


At last the heavens have opened and we here in my little corner of Australia have had a deluge.....whilst lovely for the garden and our water supply, I am hoping our  country folk don't miss out.
I now have some green grass....
When you haven't seen it for awhile it's a real treat......even have some lichen...
One of my orchids liked it so much it sent out a flower spike.
Raindrops are so pretty..... that I have bored you with watching the grass grow lol! I shall bore you with a de-wallpapered wall....
For me this is truly exciting.....priming can begin shortly!
My beautiful group of stitching friends celebrated another special birthday this week....our friend Moira. Sadly due to illness I couldn't attend the luncheon. However I can show you the quilt we made for Moira under secret squirrel circumstances! What underhanded and clandestine meetings took place lol!
Here is the birthday girl with her quilt!
It's called "A Few of My Favourite Things" designed by yours truly.  Moira  loves purples....
So she was very happy, very surprised and had a lovely time. Happy birthday Moira xx
Dear Daughter and I had a very happy time Tuesday night.  We went to see Michael Buble` in concert and it was fabulous....such a fun night! Our selfie is very atmospheric due to the red hues of the lighting lol! Lovely to share it with my girl.
That's me caught up! I am going to hopefully join in with my cyber buddies tonight for
More rain is forecast, so a bit of stitching with rain on the roof would be very nice thank you very much!
Enjoy your weekend lovely people.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Enjoy that rain. We’ve only had a tiny bit so far. Hopefully more in the next few days. I look forward to seeing the progress of your room. Enjoy your stitching tonight.

  2. Oh how nice to have some rain! Beautiful green grass and flowers also popping up.
    Your renos going ahead nicely ..
    Such a gorgeous quilt for Moira.
    Lovely special night out with your DD.

  3. Isn't the rain great... we are getting some here too... yippee...
    Lovely sharing those special times with our DD's... & what better way than at a concert...xox

  4. The rain is just wonderful: I will speak to my tree orchids about sending out a spike too :) Lucky you going to Michael Buble, he is such a treat. Moira's quilt is gorgeous...a gift quilt is such a precious thing. xox

  5. The rain is so good, even though we haven't had anywhere near as much as you have! What a lovely quilt for your friend, she must have been very touched.

  6. Nothing better than rain on the roof, so good to see the grass green again. Lovely birthday quilt for your friend, renos look well under way, so nice to have an evening out with your daughter.

  7. Love the sound of rain on the roof We have had a fair amount here
    Lucky Moira to get a quilt of your design What a great group you must belong to
    So nice to have mother daughter time
    Your orchid is lovely and I trust you are feeling better

  8. Oh the rain is wonderful and green orchid has not been as forthcoming as yours..must have a word to it. The quilt for Moura is jealous..your design is lovely. A night out with DAughter and Michael Buble ...just too spoilt. The room is coming must be excited. Enjoy.x

  9. Rain is certainly a blessing in your country. As long as it is not too much. Just enough to make the grass green up, it seems.

  10. Lovely having rain.... and well done with the progress on your wall. The quilt is lovely, pity you couldn't make the party.... Must have been a great night out...

  11. So lovely to get some rain as long as it isn't too much. Love that quilt. It will be cherished. Great night out with your daughter. I hope you are now well.

  12. The rain has been glorious! Hoping it fills the dams and goes where it's needed. Michael Buble is a honey.

  13. It is wonderful to see the rain. And some of it has put out some fires, too. That is great. Apparently we are in for a few days of heavy rain. The garden will be happy.
    Looks like things are on the move if the wall paper is gone!!


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