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Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Home is Best

With all this humid weather and nothing calling for my attention, I have treated myself to a complete creative indulgence......lots of art...which you can read about over on my art blog **HERE
Stitching has also happened and I have been throughly enjoying stitching fact so much I finished the first stitchery.....

No. 2 block is begun.
My little furry friend has gone home so it's back to 1797...... sewing the pieces together in rows.....
So all in all I have been having a very nice relaxing time.....and Home has definitely been BEST for me!
This morning began with another shower and it's super muggy again but everything is growing like crazy.
Well real life has intruded and I must face the shops for some hunting and gathering. I know it is a blessing to be able's still my least favourite occupation.
Have a wonderful day.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Flowerville quilt is going to be gorgeous. I am finding it very tempting indeed. The thread you chose is just perfect! Is it a block of the month, or a pattern you bought? xox

  2. I've just returned home & I think my mojo has been absorbed by all this humidity. At least you've accomplished this long weekend. xox

  3. Flowerville is looking so pretty Michelle. Yes its hot & humid here too - good to stay inside by the aircon.

  4. I sympathise with the humidity - it's even humid here! Flowerville is very pretty, it will be fun when finished.

  5. Urgh the humidity is awfully draining. It's very humid here too, but probably nothing like it is in QLD.

    Your stitching is so lovely and colourful and I've been showing my kids your beautiful artworks through FB. They love them all as much as I do.

  6. Your stitching is gorgeous.
    The humidity is dreadful...but the showers are wonderful. How quick mother nature recovers.

  7. love your flowerville block... looks wonderful . I agree, home is the best place to be in this weather....


  8. Your Flowerville stitchery is just lovely Michelle. And I popped over to see your gorgeous art blog, you are so very talented.
    Like you, I'm not that keen on shopping either, but needs must.

  9. The Flowerville block is beautiful Michelle. I am enjoying your art work too, best way to spend your time when the weather is uncomfortable. Sometimes that trip to gather just has to be done.

  10. Love your Flowerville block. Almost tempted to start mine. :) So over this humidity, i don't feel like doing a thing & i have to make myself. Hugs,xx

  11. Such pretty threads you are using for the Flowerville Block and lovely fabric for the next lot of 1797..
    No I don't enjoy shopping either . Send hubby when I can..

  12. That stitchery is so pretty. I hibernated as long as possible during peak tourist season but I had to venture out eventually as we can only grow so much food.

  13. No fun being out and about when it is humid. But smart to be inside stitching away. Looking good!

  14. Enjoy your stitching time. It is the best place to be in this weather.


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