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Friday, January 17, 2020

Rounding Out The Week

I bought a plate from wildlife artist, Nathan Ferlazzo......100% profits went to wildlife charities helping wildlife from the Bush fires....I chose a Magpie.
I was after the koala but the good news is.....they were SOLD OUT along with lots of other designs! So great result!
We had Granddaughter Miss E. visit this week and she helped her Grampy makes some scones to have with jam and cream. She loves to bake.

We were told with confidence that she could beat the cream.....and lick the beaters! They were very delicious and Miss E. took hers home to share with her family!
I have a tiny room where I sew and to be brutally was a disgrace! So I have spent several days having a good old cull.......into charity bags and the bin. I disposed of sooo much paperwork from my other life as a craft magazine contributor......very freeing!   I can now SEE my cutting board and shelves.  I still have some sorting in the fabric draws but it feels so much better.....

I am still working way on 1797.....not boring you with another pic lol!
A nice surprise in the garden also this yellow Clivia has flowered after 6 long years of waiting.  It was a gift for a special birthday from my dear friend Gaye who sadly passed away......
 I had to wait until some heavy showers passed to get a photo....and the raindrops looked just beautiful! I think the secret may have been DDs little Preppies class. They have a worm farm and collect the "tea" and bottle it as a fundraiser...... in desperation I gave the Clivia a good drink of it.....anyway....happy dance here!
 That's me done for the week......hairdressing appointment now to make myself bewtiful!
I wish you all a lovely weekend.

Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Doesn’t it feel good to have your sewing space tidied. We’ll see lots of creativity now, I’m sure. The clivia flower is lovely. Well worth the wait and a nice reminder of your friend.

  2. Your Clivea is really lovely Michelle - I like it more than the orange ones we have. I will look out for it at the nursery. Well done with the fertiliser! The magpie plate is a real art piece and a lovely fundraiser. I am looking out for similar opportunities to help our country. Nothing beats scones, jam and cream, especially with a little granddaughter involved. xxxx

  3. always good to have a clear out - though not always fun.

  4. A sewing room clean out is good for the creativity. I have all my old magazine paperwork too and I honestly don't know why I'm holding onto it all as I have it all digitally too.

    Your clivia is so pretty. Is it a scented flower?

    Have a lovely weekend xx

  5. Hi Michelle thats a lovely pic of Gary and Miss E working in the kitchen,so much fun this pair would've had,lol.
    Oh your sewing room is looking great,its always a great feeling to clean these rooms out.
    Love the colur of your clivia we have an orange one,hope your weekend is a good one,Nasmaste and blessings my friend xx

  6. A gorgeous piece of art Michelle.
    Lovely hubby and Miss Es cooking together.
    Your sewing space looks good.
    Beautiful reminder of your dear friend.

  7. Lovely to have your grand daughter keen to cook with her grand dad. Well done on the clean up in your sewing room. The plate is stunning. So nice to see the clivia flowering, very special for you. The work tea is like magic.🧚‍♀️🧚‍♀️

  8. You have a very professional looking sewing room Maria. So lovely for your hubby to cook with your Grandaughter, precious moments.

    1. Thank you. Keeping it tidy will be the hard bit. They both enjoy baking and I am very happy to be quality control lol!

  9. Your room definitively looks bigger than mine!;-)
    Doesn't it feel great when you have a sort out and find out what you have?
    Yellow clivia - I have never seen yellow before, interesting...
    Glad you had some rain at last!

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  11. I bet grand dad just loves having this lovely girl coming to stay, and having fun baking together!

  12. very productive week there, lovely to have a mini chef in the home. Now you room is cleaned up lots of work can be done in there...

  13. Good job on cleaning up your sewing room - do you want to come and clean up mine now, please? - lol!

  14. Your 1797 quilt is never boring to look at. Love your magie. It is nice to know that the plates sold so well.

  15. It looks Miss E and grandpa are having a great time in the kitchen. Want to come and clean up my sewing room??????


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