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Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Sunday Stitchers January

Our first meeting for 2020 was Australia Day themed and Susan and Marilyn did a fantastic clever!
We had an Aussie fruit map...
Aussie snack mat...
Very sweet Koala bikkies....
It was hard to bite them lol! But I managed! Along with a lamington and cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches.  Yum!
Very nice show and tell and Susan and Cheryl had Bushfire blocks to share also.

Some lovely quilts......

Once again a lovely day. I worked on my first Flowerville block and I am really liking the look of the thread. I have added some plain colours to break up the variegated thread and I think it's working well.
Lots of showers and a big storm have been welcomed by the garden here. Love a summer storm when they don't cause damage. Plumeria Alba has produced a lovely bract of flowers!
Extremely hot here today with another storm predicted.....a good day for some art and quiet stitching.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Love the Aussie snack plates - what a great idea!

  2. Looks like a fun morning tea and sewing morning.

  3. Such a great spread, so very clever.. Lots of nice stitching too.

  4. Those ladies are very clever with the food!! The Aussie platters look fantastic. So earful show and tell again, such clever ladies.

  5. Great themed foods and as always amazing show and tell... you have done heaps on your first block... such a machine!

  6. YummO food and a great theme.
    Nice start to another project too...xox

  7. Food looks does show and tell.
    Very gifted ladies.

  8. Everything looks beautiful Michelle. Wish I could reach into my screen & taste test some of those goodies. I love your new stitching - flowerville. Some great show-n-tell also.

  9. Very creative food arrangements there. Your stitchery is looking beautiful . So many lovely quilts and blocks shown. Hope the storms aren't too bad.

  10. Fantastic Aussie morning tea, also lots of lovely show and tell.

  11. Morning Michele,
    Thanks for your comment...I know we take so much for granted...its good to read about other parts of the world...always like to see what other women meet and do...interesting snacks, too.
    Mama Bear

  12. You've made a gorgeous start on your Flowerville blocks - I like the way you're using the threads. Lovely Show and Tell - very busy sewers! And what a great looking spread! I hope the storm didn't get too bad?

  13. You have a lot of fun with your themed get togethers! Love seeing the food and the show and tell.
    Great to see you have started on your new blocks.


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