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Monday, January 13, 2020

A Little Mini

I have a finish on my little Natalie Bird stitchery.......I teamed it with some lovely Paris Fleamarket fabric and a little dark rose peeper.
I am pleased at how it looks on my smaller mini quilt hanger, which I have had for sooooo long waiting for the right one.
 I thankfully had the birdie button for the top....
I added an extra little butterfly stitchery where the lost button belonged.....
I decided that a big tidy up was necessary in my little sewing cave of mysteries.....wish I  had embraced my inner sloth as I found this.....

Another poor forgotten project! Arrrgggh!  Tidying always leads to trouble for me lol! I am leaving it out overnight maybe the quiltmakers elves will take pity on me and finish it for me **sigh! If not I can't abandon it.....the fabrics are too lovely!
I would like to say after my labours all day, plus charity bags and rubbish bin empties that it's all looking smicko! But my tiny room still seems to be bursting!
Anyway SOME things have moved on.......tick! Looking at the positives.
Sewing time is....back to 1797.
Our pink bottlebrush has decided to put on a wonderful show and cover herself with beautiful brushes.....

The colour is gorgeous and the golden tips....stunning!
Lovely to see something so pretty and cheery.
Ok off to enjoy my evening cup of tea and get back to 1797.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Nice post, Michelle :-)
    I love your stitchery, and the hanger is just the right thing for it. And as for the forgotten fabrics - quite a treasure I think!

  2. Cute mini...
    Always find forgotten projects when cleaning out our sewing cave...
    Such a beautiful Pink bottlebrush. Iv'e never seen one before.

  3. What a gorgeous bottlebrush! Your stitchery is very pretty - and what a surprise finding those gorgeous hexies, you can't just forget about them again.

  4. Your new stitchery in the frame is just perfect.... love it. what pretty hexies you found.... you must get back to it and finish...even a cushion cover or something.... 1797 is growing.... wow that bottle brush is lovely....

  5. Nice surprise to find those hexies, the fabrics are very pretty. Nice fussy cut birds. Well done on the tidy up, your stitchery is beautiful and perfect for that hanger. The bottlebrush is a beautiful colour.

  6. Gorgeous show of Bottlebrush...and your mini stitchery looks divine...xox

  7. Lovely finish on that stichery. It is gorgeous.
    Lucky you found that other project. Another distraction?

  8. Hello Michelle,

    You are finding such pretty projects to finish. The completed stitchery looks just perfect for your hanger. Gosh the bees and insects must love your garden. Enjoy the bottlebrush blooms.

    Happy days.

  9. So much loveliness there Michele
    Well done on the tidy up

  10. Your little stitchery is so pretty! Perfect for the hanger. I too love the fabrics in the hexies and agree they can't be abandoned. You will get to them when the time is right. Enjoy your tidy sewing space.

  11. I always feel so lazy after reading your activities. The little embroidery looks great. What finds. I need to go through my sewing room too. I keep putting it off seems to hard...I make excuses. Enjoy stitching.

  12. Hi Michelle wow i love your new mini its so beautiful and wow your bottle brush sure has put on a wonderful show,Namaste and Blessings my friend xx

  13. OH a gorgeous wee finish Michelle - it looks like it was made for that wee hanger. What a beautiful find - too pretty to abandon!- good on you with your tidying and sorting activities - I wish I was a little more energetic in that department :-)


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