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Friday, November 29, 2019

Friday Roundup

Astonishingly another week has flown by.......filled with arty days and catching up with friends with stitching thrown in......
Although I must say ON STITCHING DAY......I stitched for everyone lol! Putting in a stitch for each one of they could say they stitched as well. Too much  laughter and good food to work to hard!
However! 1797 is having the next row some progress was made.
And I am really hoping my papers last as they are looking a little worse for wear lol! Fingers crossed!
School pickup stitching got another Postcard's not really out of's sitting on a fold on the table runner....
I think perhaps I have 10 more to do....sounds better than 40 lol!
A little bit of Christmas has been happening....
My favourite blogging friends tree......always makes me smile.
A little kitchen corner....
And Christmas tree trimmed....

This wee tree goes on my coffee table each year.
 The gorgeous tags were a gift from a friend many Christmases ago and the hand knitted stockings ......
A gift from my husband's Aunt. Sadly she passed away 2 weeks ago. She was the only sibling of dear FIL. They were an odd couple as Brother and Sister but both very particular in their own way....sad for Dad. Everything she did was done to the highest order.....amazing cook, beautiful sewer and knitter, a whizz at puzzles and crosswords, loved a naughty joke, a beautiful singer and a fine fact she had a penchant for pens and wasn't above pocketing them if establishments left them lying around lol! Not because they were pretty but if they wrote nicely.
Her Christmas card was always the first one received on December 1st.....don't know how she arranged it.... but until she went into care she never missed and our card was never late! So I am very happy to have these little remembrances of her to include in my Christmas celebration each year.....and I can admit to missing that sticker covered envelope in my letter box on December 1st.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. My sympathies to you and family ... A beautiful memory to share of your Aunt xx
    Lovely Christmas cheer.

  2. Hi Michelle sorry to hear about Gary's Aunt ,so lovely that you have lovely reminders of her .
    It's lovely to see Chef gingerbread man out,I think I will have to make myself one,lol.
    You are doing so well with your 1797 lol glad you stitched for everyone,it would've kept you out of mischief lol.
    Hope you have a lovely evening ,
    My friend,Namaste and blessing xx

  3. Oh I forgot to say how festive your home looks ,it all looks so pretty and festive xx

  4. How nice to have those lovely memories of your dear Aunt..
    All your Christmas Trees look great and good to get some more Postcard blocks done.

  5. So sorry to hear of the passing of your Aunt, who sounds like an absolute treasure. Your Christmas tree looks gorgeous as always, and the red tinsel is fabulous. And your cute kitchen corner reminds me I need to make one too :) xxx

  6. Sorry to hear about your aunt, Michelle......but how wonderful to have such beautiful memories of her.

  7. Lovely decorating Michelle. Sorry to hear about your Aunt - she sounds like a fun lady. xx

  8. I like your plan to keep things low key and not put too much pressure on yourself. Christmas can get away from us sometimes with all the things to do and get done on time, etc. Well you have such lovely things to decorate your spaces and put you in the holiday mood. Gorgeous and I enjoyed seeing each and every one. Oh, I must confess...I am like that wonderful aunt; I too can't resist picking up pens in hotels but they must be black ink and like your aunt,write nicely. I didn't know there was anyone else who did that! Thanks for the smile that gave me.

  9. Condolences for the loss of your Aunt, she will be sorely missed,I'm sure.
    Love all your Christmas treasures out on display, so pretty.

  10. You have lovely memories of your Aunt Michelle, sorry to hear of your loss. Good to see progress on 1797, hope the papers go the distance. I enjoy seeing your Christmas decorating.

  11. Your Christmas decorations are looking lovely.... and it's so great having all those special ones.... sorry to hear about aunty... it is sad and the loss of a wonderful character.... xx

  12. Seems like you are finding the Christmas spirit
    Love your Blogging tree
    Sad about the Aunt My sympathy and lovely to have the mementos

  13. Oh wow again I'm exhausted just writing what you have achieved in a day. Aunty sounds a wonderful person, brought tears to my eyes. Enjoy Christmas you decos are gorgeous. Xoxo

  14. Your house is looking very pretty and festive. Love your crinoline lady. I remember stitching one many years ago. You have fond memories of your Aunt. I know what she meant about pens writing nicely.

  15. The decorations are a lovely reminder of a special lady. It sounds like you are getting good value from your EPP papers. The crinoline lady on your cloth is gorgeous. Your house is looking very festive. We started our decorating today and will finish tomorrow.

  16. Beautiful decos there. A home full of joy.


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