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Thursday, November 21, 2019

A Little Something

I have been working away on 1797 with one side on the brown row done and scooting down the other side.
So not very exciting for you to see.....but lovely to stitch.
Now my "Little Something " was 2 little drawings for you to play with.....HOWEVER! As I no longer use my old computer I had all manner of issues trying to share them so you could print them from my laptop. As I don't at the moment have the time or if I am honest the patience ...... I am posting pics of them and if you click on the photo you should be able to save the image and print them that way if you wish.
Sorry about the unprofessional offering but please know that I created them in the spirit of giving and friendship.....and I wanted them to be able to be stitched for Christmas if you so hence my little roughies!
The first is a hats off to my poor ravaged homeland.....pudding and gum leaves...and a wee koala.
The second a little "gingie" for my gingie's been a while!
I do hope they can be useful to you to stitch for yourself or a friend....a little thank you from me for popping in to visit and leaving me lovely comments....enjoy!
That's it for me "in house" baker has called....freshly baked scones.....hubby is getting very accomplished at these.
Oh and piping hot coffee.....bliss!
Spoilt much!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Thank you very much for your kind offer Michelle, they are beautiful stitcheries. Keep that scone maker on, they look wonderful. You are making great progress on 1797.

  2. Hi Michelle you are progressing really well with you 1797 quilt I love seeing the different colours as you progress.
    Oh I can't wait to print out these cuties,thankyou my very kind and generous friend,I will start in the koala one tonight.
    You have a good man there Michelle,he knows when he is on a good thing,looking after his beautiful wife.
    It's so hot here today and fires breaking out everywhere,a couple close by thank god our firies are right on to them,one was close to DD1,take care my friend,Namaste and blessing to you and your baker xx

  3. Those scones! Yum yum.... Love your stitcheries Michelle, especially the koala. So sad how they fare in the bushfires. xx

  4. Thanks, Michelle, for sharing your sweet designs. They printed perfectly.
    Great progress with your stitching.
    The scones look delicious. I have been busy making strawberry jam, so have the other half.

  5. Thank you, you are very kind. Guida

  6. Thank you for your fun designs Michelle. Itching to get back to my 1797 but a couple of other things to get out of the way first. xx

  7. Sweet designs, Michelle......thank you! Love seeing your progress on 1797. Does your baker give lessons? because I know a bloke who might like to learn.....

  8. Thank you so much Michelle, for your pattern gift to us. I'm sure we can all work out how to print them, or perhaps ask hubby to help. I'm stitching a little design of yours at the moment, your patterns are always a joy to stitch.

  9. Such cute designs !
    Thank you so much.

  10. A hubby who bakes! He is definitely a keeper! Bliss indeed.
    Thanks for those very cute designs. I have bookmarked them. You are generous!

  11. Thankyou for the very sweet designs. Very generous of you.

  12. Your quilt is looking great..lovely work.
    Love your designs and thank you. I will have to work on the printing.....tried but unfortunately I could not get it to print on one page. Will keep trying. .so adore them.

  13. How cute are those stitcheries... thank you for your continued generosity in sharing them.... I am a fan! yummy scones, there is nothing better than a good scone I think. well done with the progress on the quilt.... growing, growing...

  14. Great to see the 1797 project growing... how many more rounds do you need to do?
    Love your Christmas designs, have printed them out ready to trace. Thank you , love them.

  15. 1797 is growing so well!! Thank you so much for the stitcheries - they are so cute and I look forward to printing them off. It is so devastating to hear about the poor Koala's plight and I love your nod to them in the design. Haha now wonder if my Mr will ever master the art of scone making? Hmmm, Omelet is his forte and that's about it!!

  16. Your little koala plum pudding is so lovely.


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