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Monday, November 25, 2019

Keeping At It

I have pulled out my favourite Christmas boxes that contain my decorations.

They are sitting patiently under the tree waiting to be hung up for another Christmas.  I decided a little more low key this be honest I have just felt too hot and out of sorts and not at all festive...... so only the favs this year are making an pressure or craziness for me! Although hubby says my "low key " is probably over the top for others lol!
I love these three.....critter loving St. Nick and an Irish and Scottish St.Nick....representing my ancestral heritage. I shall enjoy slowly greeting my favourites as the days roll on towards December.
My stitching time has been given over to keeping at my 1797 Revisted quilt and I have finished another row....yippee!
I can now start the process of adding to the width and corners.
So time for another light row....more basting!
I have also read another good book.....I wasn't sure if it would appeal as it was a different genre for an author I enjoy, Fiona McIntosh. BUT....couldn't put it down!
I was surprised as I don't usually read crime novels.......goes to show you really can't judge a book by its cover!
That's me caught up.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle oh i love your xmas decorating your jim Shore santa's are beautiful.
    Your 1797 quilt is coming along beautifully ,well done my friend.
    Hope it cools done quickly for you and that you get some rain,stay cool my friend,Namaste and blessings xx

  2. It is like greeting old friends when we get out the Christmas decorations, and yours are always beautiful. I remember your three special Santas - they are definitely keepers. 1797 quilt is growing very well - be finished in no time, and a lovely thing it will be. xx

  3. Ohhh Christmas decorations!! Such a fun time..I"m looking forward to pulling out mine as well..although I think my collection is not quite as extensive as yours' - even in a low-key year :-) I love a good crime novel so I'll have to hunt out the one you just read.

  4. Is this "low key", Michelle ?;-)
    It's hard to get into Christmas mood when the weather is not playing along. It is definitively all wrong here too, but there is lots of time yet... (I say this every year and it usually catches me out and suddenly it is here :-)

  5. Goodness......I hadn't thought about Christmas yet, it's still a bit too early! But you are right about it being too hot. Might check if our library has that book, I mostly read crime/mystery books.

  6. But... but.... but.... it is still November....hahaha.... yup your low key is my OTT..... your 1797 suits your Christmas colours so it will be perfect out of the sewing box with your decorations....

  7. Christmas seems to have come around very quickly this year, our decorating will probably be non existent compared to others!! Your 1797 is coming along well. I am also always on the look out for a good book, so will search the library for that one. I enjoy a good crime novel.

  8. Hopefully pulling out your special decorations will get you in the Christmas spirit

  9. Mmmmm, Christmas decorating. I've also got the crates out, and decided to only put Christmas quilts and wall hangings up this year. But I may well change my mind, I'll see how I feel.

  10. Your decorating always looks wonderful Michelle - I love your all collectables. 1797 is looking really great - loving those colours.

  11. Yes, it is decorating time. I am jumping in to do that task this weekend.
    Good luck with all you are doing. Love the Jim Shore as always. Definite favourites.

  12. You have such lovely decorations Michelle. xx

  13. Oh love your Christmas decos. Can't wait to decorate for Christmas. Boy the quilt is looking great.

  14. Your quilt is looking lovely Michelle. I love your Santas.

  15. Lovely Santa's Michelle and I'm sure your home will look very Christmassy when you completed your decorating...
    1797 brown row looks great...
    Always nice to sit and read a good book...

  16. It is always nice to bring out those "special" pieces and enjoy them. Good progress with 1797. Must put that book on my reading list.


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