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Thursday, December 5, 2019

It's That Time Of The Year

And that means Christmas celebrations with friends.
Yesterday I celebrated with my dear friends from my craft group. We enjoyed a very nice lunch at the Glen Hotel, in air conditioned comfort.
Secret Santa gifts were exchanged. I was very spoilt by friend Anne.
Inside a very cute Christmas "chateau de wheels" which lights up.
It's resting on the most beautiful tea towel. Added to that beautiful matching glasses pouches made with a vintage doiley.....hiding inside were sweet little tree decorations....Love it all!
I made for friend Jacky. I embroidered two coat hanger covers.....
And added a journal and some art supplies as Jacky loves art as I do.
I made some little pear ornaments for the girls too.
And was very spoilt in return......
Lovely way to end our year together. We are very blessed to have each other.
It's also Frangapani season and when the breeze blows just the right way, the smell is Devine! This fragrance says Summer in Queensland to me.
You may remember me telling you in a previous post about a cutting of one that I was given and that whilst allowing the sap to seal, totally forgot about it in my garage for 9 months.....YES 9 MONTHS! Hubby found it and it hadn't shriveled up so I thought I shall bung it in the ground.....what have I got to lose!
Well lookie here folks....
My first flower and has many more about to is actually a deep burgundy but try as I might,  the photos don't show the real colour. Its more like the colour of the buds. ......So just a little bit pleased about that!
Sewing? One guess?  Yep....1797 lol!
Happy stitching and jingling folks.
Namaste and blessings Michelle xxx


  1. I think it is safe to say you are definatly in the Christmas spirit now
    Some lovely gifts exchanged

  2. Hi Michelle oh wow ,what amazing gifts given and received,I love the caravan and doily pouches they are so vintage,great gifts for you to enjoy and boy love the coat hangers you made ,you can never have two many pretty hangers and your pear decoration is so very cute .
    I love reading Xmas posts hope you have a lovely day my friend,namaste and blessings xx

  3. At first I thought the chateau de wheels was a cake.... and I was going to offer to share it!! haha.... lovely tea towel to go with it and those are very pretty pouches. I love your decorations and covered hangers.... lovely gifts... my frangipani is looking good and I hope one day to get a strike of your burgundy one... let it grow a bit more

  4. Love love love your burgundy frangipani! One of the very few things I miss - very few - about living closer to the coast is their heavenly fragrance. Sweet gifts too.

  5. Lovely gifts Michelle. What a beautiful flower - obviously the thing to do is to put it in the garage and forget it! xx

  6. Lovely gifts from lovely friends, what a wonderful time you had together. Love the partidge and pear felt ornament you made, so pretty.

  7. Gosh Michelle - all the gifts both given & received are just so beautiful. There is just something so very special about a handcrafted gift. Lovely Post xx

  8. Lovely gifts shared with your sewing friends. Well done with that plant, is it a frangipani? Yes I see from comments it is 😁 beautiful. Wonderful post.

  9. Wow some fantastic presents! I love the snowman with the stick arms, very cute!

  10. Such a lovely post. I love that you have a group of friends to meet with and make crafts; that sounds like so much fun :)
    All of the creations are beautiful, I can feel the love that went into each and every items.
    Merry Christmas!
    Connie :)

  11. What a fantastic gifts you received and gifted...
    Wish I could grow such beautiful Frangipani.. each time I try to grow them they die, even watering with rain water...

  12. Gorgeous gifts from lovely friends. Great way to start the festive season.


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