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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

In My Neck of the Woods

I  have washed and polished and  popped my treasures back where they belong in my freshly painted entry way. It is so lovely and bright.
Makes me happy every time I walk down the stairs!
Our beloved pooch "Doc" is back in his rightful place to oversee the coming and goings through our front door. Something he used to love to do before his departure over the rainbow bridge.
So all is well with the world.
My garden surprised me yet again with a fairly new addition to my tree orchids....gifted from a friend me 5 gorgeous blooms.
 I watched each little flower unfurl.....beautiful!
Funny little story, you may recall my being gifted lettuce seeds from my friends Dad. Well I went down to the patch with my seeds wrapped in a tissue to sow a few......big gust of wind.....they blew straight down the furrow I had prepared...the whole lot! Much too tiny to recover them. So....
Guess I might get a few! They go all the way to the back of the plot!
The task that I dislike the most about "patchwork ".....the cutting..... but it is happening for Ruth's Quilt. Still about 50 strips to go......argggggh!
Shoulder doesn't like it so the rest will have to wait a bit. I love how the fabrics are looking together. This has been a very nice detour off the road of "all things planned".
But I figured as I have been very industrious with my Ufos this year, it was allowed.
Also sewing bright circles.
And that's about it for my little corner of the world. I do hope you are enjoying your week.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. I’m always jealous of you being able to grow orchids outside. Your entry way certainly is looking nice and fresh. I’m looking forward to seeing your Ruths quilt come together. Such beautiful fabrics. It’s nice seeing how different the quilts look with the different fabrics.

  2. Your entry looks gorgeous Michelle, what a beautiful paint job. Your tree orchid is lovely, and looks so healthy. I don't know what happened to ours, lol. Good luck with the strip cutting - ugh - but the results will be just gorgeous. xx

  3. Funny how many of us don't really like cutting out, isn't it! The name of those lettuce should be "Serendipity", don't you think?

  4. I love your orchids!
    I also like your treasure displayed on the wall; I do it too, it is nice to live with your work around you :-)

  5. Your front entry way looks wonderful. The orchids are beautiful, wish we could grow them here. Good luck with the cutting, the tedious part of quilting!!

  6. What a difference a lick of paint does - the hallway looks great and Doc looks ready to play.... Lovely orchids..... we struggle on here but no flowers. The fabrics are looking lovely …. soon you can sew them up.

  7. Gosh Michelle, your entry looks just so gorgeous. Isn't it amazing how a fresh coat of paint can just cheer things up so much ... I love all your treasures back in their places.

  8. Your “friends” look so happy to be in an entry that is so bright & fresh... it looks gorgeous.

  9. Great fresh.
    Grrrrr cutting.
    Orchids are amazing.

  10. Your entry way looks lovely. Well worth all the effort.
    And the orchids are delightful.
    Good luck with the lettuce. Looks like you may have quite a few to eat.
    Take care with your shoulder.


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