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Thursday, September 27, 2018

For The Love of The Olde...and Quilts Part Two

After Robyn Ginn's home we drove out to historic village of Drayton to a National Trust property the Royal Bulls Head Inn.
A lady called Margie had her vintage quilts displayed throughout the Inn.
Loved this quilt.....oh and the bed and furniture.
Another beautiful bed with Double Wedding Ring quilt.
How lovely is this crib and I was delghted to find this cute old bear friend.

At the top of these steep stairs was a bathroom with old tin bathtub. We were very glad we weren't the chambermaid having to negotiate them in a long dress and pails of hot water for guests!
Fiona discovered exciting lingerie of the period and of course mischief ensued lol!

We loved this quilt made from saving and repurposing tobacco pouches. The blocks are made of 3 pouches sewn together.

These little chairs were so pretty and were on wheels??
The work on this chair was was also low and we pondered getting up and down from it.
Some pretties in the parlour.

The old kitchen.....
Outside views...

It was such an interesting place and a credit to those hard working folk restoring it. Loved seeing all the vintage quilts as well.
We also visited a little exhibition of textile artists who were extremely talented  and the Toowoomba Quilters exhibition also wonderful  but silly me thought photos weren't allowed so no piccies.
I had the most wonderful day and fell into bed last night tired but extremely happy.
Huge thanks to my dear friend Fiona for being the loveliest tour guide.

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Sounds like a super day out, love love Toowoomba and the festival.
    Such a wonderful old home and quilt displays.

  2. Lots of lovely old quilts , thanks for sharing. Looks like you had a great day.

  3. So many beautiful things to look at
    Such a wonderful day

  4. Wow - what a wonderful day out! Robyn's quilts are superb and the old Inn looks very interesting, I remember driving past it many years ago but it wasn't open.

  5. A perfect setting to display all the quilts. And have a good look at the building at the same time.

  6. Such a lovely old property, and such a wonderful setting for those vintage quilts, and underwear. I love looking at old linen in vintage properties, and its such a bonus if you get to see old quilts as well.

  7. its such a lovely old building and I think they have restored it so well... the old quilts were wonderful to see too....

  8. Part two is just as interesting as part one

  9. fabulous old place. So many wonderful old quilts too.

  10. What a fab old place Michelle... so wonderful to see such a lovely display of well-preserved items... even the underwear!

  11. Another lovely tour, thank you. xx

  12. Wonderful day out and so much to see and do. So good to be able to see the old quilts, thanks for sharing.


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