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Friday, September 21, 2018

A Barrow Full of Beauties

Yesterday I finally got some spare time to plant out my "rusty wheelbarrow " which my dear friend Fiona had languishing at her place and no longer wanted. It looked like this then. Photo borrowed from Fiona x
And now I am a happy little gardner as it looks like this!
I am really hoping that I don't murder them and that they spread and are happy here.
My small garden that I play with had terrible soil and it is ongoing trying to improve it. I previously could always grow Azaleas but after a load of orgainic soil, one by one they perished. The conclusion was that its ph was all wrong for them.
So I thought perhaps a couple of pots with specialised soil may be the answer. A couple of very pretty victims have been purchased for the trial.

Fingers crossed.
My UFO CHALLENGE number this month is to work on Brinton Hall. I have the next row to sew on but I haven't found the time so I began working on the little clamshells for the blocks on the final border. They are very cute!
That is the sum total of my stitching. Any spare time I have had has been spent with my pencils which you can read about HERE should you wish.
Our focus this week has been our regular 3 monthly stress of our Sons scans. Hoping and praying that the news will continue to be positive and I feel blessed to say it was.

All the platitudes and urging to think positive although well intended just seem to irk and wear thin for me at this time and I find it just leaves me worn out and tired.
The one thing I know for certain is that there ARE no guarantees and my patience for the rubbish in life is very thin indeed.
So my friends I am going to take a deep breath, stop feeling sorry for myself and embrace this wonderful news. As many don't receive it...until it rolls around again.
Have a wonderful weekend and be thankful for those you love.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Your rusty wheelbarrow will look marvellous Michelle ... those plants will grow & spread out & look wonderful. Yes I know what you mean about feeling positive ... life can be so very difficult at times! I am so pleased to read of your sons good results. Happy weekend to you Michelle Xx

  2. Love the wheel barrow transformation, I wish I'd kept my Dad's one now.

  3. Glad to hear all well with your son Michelle. I love the wheelbarrow - don't forget to update us as it fills out! xx

  4. Good news is excellent news to hear! Love your rusty looks very swish now.

  5. Happy to read of your good news...
    The barrow looks great with the cactus in it...

  6. So pleased with the scan results.... woohoo.... the barrow looks very good now …. and I'm very pleased to see it happy - the plants will love it I'm sure.... pretty Azaleas too...

  7. Glad to hear you had good news about your son. That has to be very stressful. That would take away anyone energy.

  8. Such good news about your son! Love his dog!! Your clamshells look wonderful, the barrow looks great, I am sure the plants will thrive. Good luck with the azaleas!

  9. Lovely work with the wheelbarrow. That is gorgeous in the garden.
    Good luck catching up with the clamshell stitching.
    And that is great news for your son re his latest tests.


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