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Friday, September 14, 2018

Friday is Here Again

My goodness the weeks just seem to fly by no matter how hard I try to live at a slower pace..... a wander in the garden always helps. I have quite a small garden and definitely not manicured or well tended but it's amazing how a bit of nature no matter how small can lift the spirits.
My Honey Gem Grevillea is  blooming its head off and looks gorgeous against our clear blue sky today.
This little pink bottlebrush is a pretty!
Can you see the pair of local Rainbow Lorikeets in the Honey Gem letting me know they were not happy about my intrusion.
Before those lovely tags got me sidetracked I was working on a sweet Anni Downs stitchery. I had stitched quite a lot of it. So with the tags all done, I have managed to happily stitch away at school pickup and get it finished.
I really like the DMC 840 thread for a change.
Of an evening I have been working on my charity circles and have 6 more for the pile.
With time approaching for our new UFO CHALLENGE number to be announced I thought perhaps my time was best spent getting last months finished.
I love embroidery but have never really been a fan of stem stitch in large lots, preferring back stitch wherever possible. The embroidery on my Yoko Saito block calls for stem stitch and let's just say after much reverse sewing and even trying back stitch I am not all that happy with the effect! But I am persevering.
Happy mail today! Months ago I preordered favourite author Kate Mortons new book which was released this week. It arrived today.....cannot wait!
A wonderful surprise inside......
Yes signed by Kate!! So looking forward to slipping on my reader's cape and slipping within the pages and into this brand new tale.

I wish you all a happy weekend.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Enjoy your book, Michelle! Honey Gem is a gorgeous grevillea; when we lived in the Big Smoke we had a Taree Pink bottlebrush which grew like a weed. We tried to grow one here, sadly without success. Must be the weather for Rainbow Lorikeets, they have been visiting us today too!

  2. Your blooms are looking lovely and a wander around the garden is always good for inspiration. Enjoy your book x

  3. Lots of lovely to look at and read today.... the weeks are zipping by. Love the native plants and your birds obviously to too.... I do enjoy Kate Morton too. Such a sweet stitchery of Anni's - what will you make it into?


  4. Lorikeets rule! Love how much they enjoy the bottlebrush and grevillia in the Springtime! Happy Stitching Michelle xxx

  5. Your garden has some lovely blooms. Enjoy your new book.

  6. Your garden is looking very pretty Michelle. I love that little Anni Downs stitchery so much ... & your new book looks interesting. I do not know that author & might have to look her up.

  7. Yes a walk in the garden always helps. Beautiful blooms on your tress. Enjoy your book. Hugs,xx

  8. Wonderful flowering plants in your garden Michelle, great tl see the birds there. The stutchery is beautiful, love the bright circles..nothing better than a new book to dive into, enjoy 🤓

  9. Love that Annie stitchery. I have 2 of hers hanging in my guest bathroom. I like stem stitch but whenever I want to do it I forget how to LOL. I purchased Kate's new book yesterday to share with mum. ( and another one LOL) . Some very lovely stitching happenning there.

  10. Lovely spring garden.....I'm not a fan of stem stitch....but it's growing on me.....need to keep my stitches looks better then.

  11. Hi Michelle what pretty trees you have in your garden. I think your yoko block looks fantastic,the more you do of stem stitch the better it becomes,you have done lots of beautiful work my friend,well done,enjoy your new book xx

  12. Lovely colours in your garden and in your stitching!
    Please let us know what you think of your new book when you are done.


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