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Friday, June 29, 2018

Simple Pleasures

Good morning beautiful people! Glorious sunshine here this morning.....we've had a little  drink for the garden but not much.....
I joined my Wednesday stitching friends at Kays this week for a lovely day of stitching, loads of giggles....advice on aging disgracefully and delicous food....Kay spoilt us with 2 beautiful desserts.....

It was so hard to choose and I thought it rude not to try both, so I did......yum!
Thanks Kay xx
I worked on my UFO CHALLENGE, scallops on the borders of Blessings.
Row 2 is almost complete so progress is being made. I do just love this quilt design!
I have managed to stitch 1 little tag in Ruth's Quilt and working on a 2nd.
They are so delighful and I love the sentiments expressed on some of them. So glad I decided to stitch them.
I have also just finished reading a second book by this Aussie author and really enjoyed it.
I think I have enjoyed them because it speaks to women of my age and you can relate to these characters. Anyway.....I think I shall be persuing more by this lady. As we discussed on Wednesday, is there anything better than a good book! Apart from stitching and art lol!
Definitely coffee time for me.

Enjoy your weekend wherever you may be and however you choose to spend your time.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. I have read several books by Liz Byrski and enjoyed every one of them! Very nice desserts, the one with the orange slices is very healthy?

  2. Yummy food. Wonderful weather to curl up with a book. Enjoy your weekend.😍

  3. Those desserts look delicious! Nice stitching on your first tag. xx

  4. Pretty flowers and stitchery. The desserts look amazing. Thanks for the book recommendation.

  5. It looks like you had a nice week :-)
    The book looks interesting, I try to remember it, next time I am looking for something to read.

  6. love your first tag.... you will have these sewn in no time knowing you... not long to go with Brenton though still lots of work ... it is lovely.

  7. Beautiful to try both, how would you choose?? Love your clamshells and the stitchery is very cute. I have also read several books bu Liz Bryski and really enjoyed them. Have a great weekend.

  8. Good morning my lovely friend ,i would have trouble choose in one of those lovely desserts too,they both look very yummy. Love the colour thread that you are using for your tag ,one down 34 to go,they are so quick to do,you will have them finished in no time.Loving your clam shells,hope you have a wonderful weekend Michelle xx

  9. Pretty colour marigold in your garden.
    Oh yes you did have to try both those delicious
    Great progress with the tags and scallops.
    Pleased you enjoyed your book.

  10. Some lovely stitching happening at your place. Looks like a good book to add to my list again.

  11. Your stitchery looks lovely. I've recently downloaded this book and have been listening to it whilst sewing. I also like her characters and ageee with you...they are very relatable.

  12. A lovely post as always Michelle. You really are a busy little bee, and your sewing projects so beautiful. How you do this as well as your artwork amazes me! xxox


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