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Tuesday, June 5, 2018


Thank you all for your lovely comments on my previous post. In the evenings I have been snuggling under my Baltimore Quilt and hand quilting. I have quilted the applique in the middle block and am now working on the background.
I use low tack masking tape as a guide for line work instead of marking the quilt but I have ended a little bit out....hoping to fudge it overall. I am cross as I was so careful....I am a bit OCD with these things lol!
So wish me luck!
At craft group last week my friend Lorel had 2 of her UFOs which had been quilted by clever friend FIONA at BUBZRUGZ and I am allowed to share them here.
So beautiful!

Lorel and I were actually doing this quilt at a class with the same lady but at different venues.......

There was a huge amount of fiddly work in this design....but so lovely!
Fiona's quilting is also beautiful. Thanks for sharing my friend xx

Finally I am adding a photo for posterity for Daughter was a beautiful dancer...through to adulthood. Consequently I still have several ballet costumes from many competitions  stored in my cupboard. Her daughter is NOT interested but my other Granddaughter, her niece  is never happier than when we get them out of the cupboard for a look see and some ohhing and ahhing. I  laughed out loud yesterday when Miss C decided when I left the room that the temptation to try one on was tooooo much to resist! Lol!
Once sprung......very happy to pose for a piccie lol! So effective with the school uniform! Gotta love kids ❤❤
Must go, time for dinner prep....warming roast chicken and fresh vegies.
Enjoy your evening.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle your Baltimore quilt is gorgeous and i am sure you will work out the hand stitching,fingers crossed for you.
    How cute is your GD she looks very grown up in her Aunty's ballet costume,god bless her,dont they make your heart smile.
    Hope you have a lovely eveing my friend,Namaste xx

  2. AI hope you can sort the Baltimore!
    Very cute (naughty) grand daughter!!
    Fiona always does a lovely job and the quilts are so lovely to start with.

  3. Doesn't every girl wear a tutu with her school uniform? Such pretty quilts - thank you for sharing!

  4. I am sure your Baltimorw will work out fine Michelle. Love the tutu over the uniform..dancer in the making there 😆

  5. Such a lovely photo of your grand daughter in the ballet dress. Most little girls dream of being a ballerina, don't they.

  6. Loving your Baltimore. I'm sure the stitching will be fine. A lovely photo of your GD. So cute. Hugs,xx

  7. Miss C is beautiful in this ballet costume!!! I love your Baltimore, Michelle! I am still trying to finish my first hand quilting! Kisses, my friend.

  8. Your quilting is lovely. Some beautiful quilts displayed there. Love your grand daughter in the costume. I hung on to my daughters' skating and dance outfits but eventually got them to keep their own things.

  9. Your quilting is coming along very nicely and your friends quilts are beautiful. xx

  10. Surely is the weather for hand quilting. Love your work. Love the trying on of the costume...aren't Grandkids the best. 😇💜

  11. Good hand quilting weather.... I'm sure any squiffy lines won't show when its all done. I can imagine it's hard to keep straight even with tape. thx for showing the quilts - its lovely to see them from further away - I only look close up! haha.... Little miss looks gorgeous dressed up .... great picture

  12. Enjoyed catching up with your post Michelle.

  13. I'm sure your Baltimore quilting will end up just's such a beautiful quilt. Lorel's quilts are gorgeous too. Lovely ballerina photo :-)

  14. Hello Michelle,

    Your hand quilting will stand the test of time that is more important than anything. Gotta love the last photo, just precious.

    Happy days.


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