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Saturday, June 16, 2018


WENDY from SUGARLANE DESIGNS  hosted our online get together last night.
My efforts were lovely for me but make boring viewing for you. Hand quilting was my choice for last night. The second block is almost finished.
Although loving the quiet gentle stitching, getting it all even feels a little challenging. I am trying to look at the over all picture and hope it looks cohesive.
As their are no sashings crossing over into the next block has been a bit daunting.
Looks better from a distance lol!
So that's my efforts for FNSI . Thanks Wendy xx
It is just a most beautiful day here north of the border....lovely sunshine.
So being subtropical we can get away with planting strawberries and other vegies that you can't down south.....
Mr. R. has built me 2 more plant Alcatraz structures.  One for more vegies and the other for some flowers....just for delight.
I have these little beauties to plant out this morning.
Pretty geraniums nearby hopefully will attract bees to visit them as well.
My beans, lettuce and Italian parsley are coming along very nicely in the first cage.
We have had no possum or cat intruders break in so far but my lovely new succulents on my back verandah have had a good old chew.....
Darstardly little critters.......So I have been having to cover them every evening....bit boring really!  A friend suggested chilli powder, my next move.
I wish you all a happy weekend enjoying whatever takes your fancy.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Your quilting looks great Michelle. Wish I had the patience to hand quilt... xox

  2. Hi Michelle wow your hand quilting looks amazing,its going to be so beautiful this quilt when you finish. Your garden is coming along nicely,well done Gary for your clever covers,happy planting my friend and hope you have an awesome weekend xx

  3. Love your hand quilting, looks fabulous. Hugs, xx

  4. Beautiful hand quilting, Michelle! I haven't heard the term "Alcatraz structures", what a good idea.

  5. Gosh Michelle - your quilting is just stunning. I wish mine was as neat as yours! I hope the chilli powder keeps those annoying critters away for you.

  6. Your quilting is lovely. I can't see anything wrong with it. Love the block. Beautiful geranium. I love them. Happy planting and enjoy the warm weather up there. Can you please send some down here?

  7. Great progress with your quilting.
    Looks like some busy work in the garden. Looks like the garden beds will work well.

  8. Beautiful quilting Michelle - I can never tire of seeing hand quilting! Nice to see pictures of your garden too. xx

  9. Lovely hand quilting Michelle.
    Hope the critters do leave your. New garden alone... I have rabbits 🐰 🐰🐰 chew mine plants , also dig holes and eat the roots.. 😡

  10. Love your hand quilting, very beautiful. I think the chili powder should at the very least help. I put it on my shelled peanuts to help keep the squirrels out of the feeders. It works for that so why not your plants? Thanks for sharing

  11. Your hand quilting is beautiful Michelle. Good luck with the plants.

  12. Michelle, I admire anyone who hand quilts. Your stitches look great. Hope you find a way to get the critters to leave your plants alone.

  13. those cages shoiuld deter possum from eating yoiur veges... brrr it's not warm here today! love the quilting.... will be so good with the blocks floating over the criss cross

  14. Lots of fun and stitching! I've just started to work over the veggie plot that is here, putting in a few things - such a nice change from this time of year down south..... although it was actually cool here today!


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