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Thursday, June 14, 2018


Lots of circles here.....pretty TEAL ones for Rainbow Scrap Challenge
These challenge blocks are growing! I always enjoy this challenge so how the circles are looking......they even look mostly round lol! So quite pleased with all that going around in circles needleturn.
And then some bright circles....
And some more....
ONE little lonely hexie to bring up the rear.
A little secret sewing revealed....a thank you to a friend.

I have enjoyed stitching my Stitchers Alphabet letters of late. I think it looks pretty on the little sewing caddy....and highlights the Paris Fleamarket fabric too.
Yesterday was sports day for our littliest Granddaughter. She did really well and had great fun....even won her one was more surprised than her.
Lots of other activities.
Dear Daughter is a teacher at the school and is the action you can see it was a glorious Brisbane winters morning!

I followed all this activity up with a lovely visit to friend Bevs house for stitching day....a lovely time was had by all. I worked on my Brinton Hall hexies.
That's it from me.

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. you have a goodly pile of circles now... they are lovely to do... well done to the little sports person... love your alphabets - and you made your B up so beautifully...

  2. Love your circles. They look lovely. Well done to your GD. Gorgeous sewing caddy. Hugs, xx

  3. Pretty B sewing caddy Michelle and your circles are looking great. Happy little sportsgirl! xx

  4. You have been busy with all the circles and they look great. Lovely work also on the stitching caddy. Lovely way to use your letters.

  5. Hi my lovely friend I enjoyed our chat today always so good to catch up with you. How lovely that Erin had such a great time and had a win,she will be had to chase now,lol. Love your circles you have done so many ,you always do such beautiful work,hope you had a lovely afternoon with your friend ,Namaste and blessings xx

  6. Lots of circles now......well done to your little grandie!

  7. You have been busy. You have a beautiful family and congratulations to your granddaughter on her team's win.

    I look forward to seeing what you create during FNSI.

  8. love your bright circles...very yummy.. glad your grand daughter had a lovely day with you x

  9. Blogger wouldn't let me leave a comment yesterday. Love your perfect circles. I can never get mine to look as good.

  10. Oh I feel so lazy when I see what you're achieving. Everything is just beautiful.
    Off to retreat Mon -Thurs hope I get something done....hehe. Have a great weekend.

  11. Beautiful circles, the collection is gathering. Well done to the sports girl, I bet she had fun. Your B and hexie look wonderful too.

  12. Busy days! I always enjoy using your Stitcher's Alphabet for gifts. Such cute little designs.

  13. Lots of great circles there....lovely work. Fun time watching grandies....

  14. Lots of work going on at your place, and how wonderful to get to spend sports day with the grandie xo


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