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Thursday, June 21, 2018

Down By the Bay

My Wednesday stitching girls decided as we were once again a small group we would take a little road trip down to Cleveland at Redland Bay for a change. We opted for a bit of culture, coffee, retail therapy, laughs and a very nice lunch.
The culture...... Redland Art Gallery.
We all enjoyed the art and had fun with the drawing board, contributing our bit to the space. Of course the discovery of a selfie machine was toooo much for certain people to resist misbehaving!  Lol! Lots of nice not to act your age sometimes!
We  had a wander around the CBD. I have always loved the beautiful, cooling trees and street art down here.
Huge Poinciana Trees which are a vision when in bloom....sadly the wrong season for blossoms yesterday.....but still impressive.
Lunch was delicious.....
And yet another selfie! But much more demure lol!
My happy little bundle from the local quilt store visit after lunch....and yes there is a purpose for my loot!
Definitely one of lifes pleasures, time spent with friends......slept well!
With Grandkids of different ages, we have several Sports Days to attend.
This week our youngest Grandson was very pleased with his ribbons and did very well in his race and athletics. It is lovely seeing them doing their best and having fun in the fresh air.
Today our oldest Grandson had his Sports Day....action shots.

Congrats from Grampy .
Stitching....I am working on No. 4 UFO. Borders for Blessings quilt. Basting scallops....
 And sewing them together in rows.
Ready to applique the first lot of scallops on to the first down three to go! I have had to play with this a bit because in my wisdom I didn't do the sashing around the blocks which of  course changes the the borders may or may not look ok....ahhh! Living on the edge!
So lovely people that's it from me.

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Looks liek a wonderful week has been had... well done to all your sporty children - they got your DNA????? I love Poinciana - we always knew them as Flamboyant trees. beautiful sewing and glad to see you found some pretties for your new project...

  2. Looks like a great time on Wednesday. Sorry I couldn't make it.

  3. Great idea on the trip, I love a bit of culture. Selfie machine - never even knew they existed. Lunch looks tasty and I love the choice of fabric and your scallops, they will keep you busy :)

  4. Always fun to go on a road trip with friends.. Sweet little bundle of fabrics and a pretty blue thread.
    Lovely to see the young ones enjoy their sport.

  5. What a nice day you had.....and how good to the littlies having fun!

  6. A lovely day out and shopping too! Pretty scallop border. xx

  7. Sounds like such a fun day with your friends. Love the selfies and when you are over 50, acting one's age is overrated!

    Congrats to your grand on his ribbons.

  8. Looks like a fantastic day out, much fun to be had. Your clamshells look wonderful, good to live on the edge for a while!! Well done to the grandies.

  9. Good morning my lovely friend so good seeing you having so much fun,not surprised with you getting into mischief though,lol.Well done to your 2 Grandson's ,so much fun watching them playing sport,Lovely clamshells Michelle,Namaste and blessing my friend xx

  10. Such good tonic for the soul being with friends. You are still quite productive with your sewing and I am looking forward to seeing what you make with your new purchases.

  11. Your road trip looks like fun. And of course a great group helps!
    What fun to be part of the grandies spots days. That is great fun, too.
    Well done with all the work on the scallops. Looking so lovely.


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