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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Glorious RED

I can't say I have a favourite colour....I love them all! But I do have a very strong affection for RED/MAROON/BURGUNDY.
I seem to nearly always have a smidge or a lot in all the quilts I make. If it's red it usually gets my immediate attention. I think that's why I fell so hard for French General.....those gorgeous shades of red!
And of course my team colours are perfect!
I love RED jams....
And my pretty china.

Red native blooms make me sigh...

I think it does you a world of good sometimes to ponder....."What  do I love? What  makes me smile?"
This month's Rainbow Scrap Challenge colour from Angela over at So Scrappy made me ponder my love of RED/MAROON.
The challenge this month is what to NOT choose lol!
Decisions made, my little "glorious RED" circles are ready to applique.
This past week has seen me cosied down with tissues, panadol and lemon drinks. Like many others I have been under the weather with a coldy bug that seems to have vertigo as a sidekick! Not nice! So all has come to a halt. Before the funny heads started I did get a good number of tags stitched for Ruth's Quilt.
And 3 borders worth of scallops are done on Blessings Quilt.
Last row is joined together but there is no incentive to get to it yet....the great thing about needlework is that it waits for you.
That's me caught up lovely folk. Enjoy your day.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hope you feel better soon. Amazed at how much you get done.

  2. Get Better soon.......
    Guess what is my favourite colour....... Lol

  3. Tuck up in bed and get better soon.
    How nice to have your favorite colour for RSC.
    lovely progress on your projects.

  4. Your red circles are lovely.... I do love red... and blue... and green, and yellow... and … and.... hopeless I am....
    Hope you are feeling heaps better and can get back to sewing those lovely tags and the last border....

  5. Hope you get better soon. You are so right - all that sewing will wait for you.

  6. Hope you are feeling better soon....
    Red is one of my favourites also.

  7. Red is a lovely colour. You are getting so much done. Great weather for sewing. Get well soon. 😍🤗

  8. Hi Michelle you have been busy with lots of beautiful work,i hope you are feeling alot better,take care my friend xx

  9. Red is a wonderful colour especially in the French General fabrics. Your circles and clammies look wonderful, as do the tags. Keep up with the TLC, I hope you are feeling better soon.

  10. What a pretty red post Michelle. The French General fabrics are always lovely. So sorry you are under the weather - there is a lot of lurgy around, it seems. Get Well Soon! xx

  11. Hope you feel better soon, Michelle! Lots of red around this week, my Canadian friends celebrated their national day on Sunday.....and of course their colours are red and white.

  12. You have a nice slection of reds for all of your projects I hope you feel much better soon, Michelle.

  13. Everything is so beautiful, I can't even choose a favorite! I'm anxious to work with my reds sometime in the next day or two. Hope you're feeling better!

  14. I hope you recover from the lurgy quickly. It seems to be affecting so many this winter. You seem to have dived in early this month with your RSC blocks. I’m waiting patiently for the next Squared Away Sampler block before I get stuck in. I like red, but maroon is not my favourite colour - blues are much better.

  15. Hope you are feeling much better. Very good picture of you.

  16. Many angel healing hugs coming your way. Have you tried apple cider vinegar with honey and lemon juice in boiling water? It helps kill the nasty bugs. I love your borders and those circles are so, well, round LOL. I can never get mine so accurate.

  17. Oh yes all reds and Maroons are my favourite colours too Michelle, they are wonderful. Hope you're on the mend from the nasty cold bug, I woke up last Thursday with it also. My worst days were Friday and Saturday. Thankfully feeling a lot better now though. However still have a blocked up nose and head. ugggghhhh


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