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Monday, January 29, 2018

Loving a Long Weekend

I seemed to have had a very relaxed time but tinkered with lots of bits....
Cut out loads of clamshells and basted them, thanks to generous friends...
In fact I ran out of available papers so had to get to and sew row 17 on.
Brinton Hall....the next UFO project got some attention and more hexies were sewn together.
"Libby the Librarian " from Angel Story was completed. A few alternative design elements had to happen because I kept messing up the tiny collar...bit challenging in needleturn. But I am happy with how Libby turned out.

I also did some work on an art can read about that HERE
Time was also allocated for some much needed wandering up in the bush. Since I returned from my holidays I have been embracing my "inner heffalump" and devouring any sweet treat silly enough to get in my way! My walking had dwindled as the weather warmed up.
Little bit of discussion with self and walking as well as swimming is back on the agenda....I am not aiming for svelte....I just want to have my energy back and fit into my shrinking wardrobe.....
So these have been getting a work out again.
When I am in the bush, inhaling the scents, seeing critters about I  wonder why I got  so lazy and denied myself this pleasure.

We humans are funny folk!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. We are indeed funny, Michelle! Must admit I have been inactive for a while, but it's been so hot and that heat really knocks me about. It's been good weather to stay inside and sew.

  2. Always the way Michelle, once we are out and about we are happy and wondering why we do not do it on a regular basis!!Is hard getting out in the heat though. Your clamshells look fantastic as do the hexies, you had a productive weekend.

  3. Your projects are all so beautiful Michelle. My hubby bought me new trainers last year ... I overheard him telling someone the other day "funny thing how they don't walk themselves". I need to give mine a workout too. Have a super week Michelle. Xx

  4. Lovely progress.
    I think we all pander to our inner heffalump every now And then lol

  5. Oh dear, is it the heat then? My inner Heffalump has been emerging lately, looking for a sugar hit and not walking as much. The shrinking wardrobe is a pest! Libby the Librarian is quite the character, I like her. xx

  6. Beautiful projects. If i had somewhere lovely to walk i'd take it up again. It's the one thing i do miss from Tannum Sands, i used to walk lots as there was so many beautiful places to walk. Hugs,xx

  7. You had quite a busy time of it....too hot for me to walk now. ...I can see that collar would have been very fiddly.

  8. You sure have kept busy with lots of EPP.
    Libby is cute..
    Good on you getting back into walking. I must too but!

  9. well done with getting the walking on again... as you say you get such pleasure. lovely work towards all your projects...

  10. lovely epp work Michelle. Walking sound great!I need to walk too!

  11. Too hot here to walk anywhere but to the sewing machine.Libby looks good.happy walking.

  12. A "tinkering weekend" is so special! You got lots done! xx

  13. Enjoyed seeing your epp Michelle

  14. Your clamshells are looking wonderful and have grown heaps. I think as the weather gets hotter we certainly tend to exercise less, but a walk in the bush you can't beat

  15. Very pretty selection of projects there Michelle... sometimes it's nice to do things that way... enjoy your walks, you've certainly got some lovely surrounds to take in!

  16. Loving your clamshells Michelle,i cant wait to start walking again,our weather down here is going crazy i have the heater on today,lol.
    Nothing better for the soul than to walk through the bush or to hear the roar of the ocean and to take it all in to be one with nature.Namaste and blessings my friend xx

  17. Love Libby the Librarian, my BFF at school was Libby, we went from Grade 1 right through to Grade 10 together...

  18. You did make the most of the long weekend. Progress on all projects.
    Enjoy your walking time and hope the weather stays cooler so you can enjoy it more.


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