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Monday, January 22, 2018

Sunday Stitchers and First Day

Today is a red letter day....both our little ladies started school! Cannot believe how grown up they both are. Apparently both had a great day.

Yesterday was our first meeting of Sunday Stitchers for 2018. If you follow some of the other Sunday Stitchers I am repeating it for you...sorry!
Very photo heavy as we were all very good stitchers and worked on our UFO challenges and consequently lots of lovely show and tell. and tell sweet Minnie quilt and UFO beautiful Sashiko.

Susans lovely quilts and a mini.

Gorgeous quilting details visible on the back of Susan's lovely quilt.
Noela....a lovely runner and wall hanging.

Incas beautiful Lucy Boston.....I feel guilty about mine...sssh!
Tatyana had a sweet wall hanging.
De...the cutest clamshell pouch...
Teresa and Noreen lovely candle mats and I think a pincushion?
Sandi had lovely zippy pouches and cute bags...
Marilyn escaped the paparazzi but had gorgeous appliqued flower blocks to show.
Helen was doing a balancing act with Miss Matty and candlemat!
Allison....beautiful pillow shams to match the beautiful wedding quilt she made.
Phew! And yours truly showing it pays to be voluptuous sometimes lol!
I had one Elf block in my UFO no.2 spot but finished it so quickly that I got them all done.....the UFO list had to be revised....
De drew our number for next month......
Which is Brinton Hall.....and which I just happened to take to work on yesterday!
I guess I just keep on going then lol!
It was a very nice way to spend the day and start the New Year.
If you are still with me....thank you!
LASTLY I just wanted to say that I have a lot of wonderful comments from folks who are non reply bloggers. I have decided to respond to those people directly under their comments. So if you don't get an email response from me to say thank you it will be there.
Well that is me DONE for this post!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. What a productive group of ladies, so many beautiful projects! You did well balancing your blocks! Good number De picked for you there!

  2. was great to be back together again!

  3. a lovely meeting for you all and wonderful projects.... I'm looking forward to seeing yours. I hope the little girls have a wonderful time in this next step of their lives... it just seems they were born the other day...

  4. wow! aren't they looking very grown up, so gorgeous!
    what beautiful show and tell from your sunday stitchers!
    Hooray for Brinton Hall....go girl!

  5. Lots of lovely projects there. Hugs, xx

  6. Hi Michelle how cute do your gorgeous grandie girls look for their first day of school,boy they have grown up fast,glad little Charlotte is well again.I see lots of paintings hanging on your fridge in the future,lol.Lovely show and tell from the girls,lots of beautiful projects,hope you have a lovely evening my friend xx

  7. Wow.....first day of school already! Lovely show and tell, enjoyed it very much - and I love your grevillea, it's beautiful. Do you know its name?

  8. Oh Michelle your little Grandies look so cute & excited for their day... may they have a long love of learning & friend.
    So much great work from the Sunday Stitchers there!

    Good idea re the no-reply bloggers - it's always such a tricky issue & unfortunately so many of them simply don't realise they are no-reply.

  9. How exciting to see the girls starting on heir first day. Time flies!! School does not go back until next week here.
    Love seeing all the projects from your group. Loads of inspiration.

  10. What a pair of little cuties, on the first day of school. Hope they have a great year. As for the Sunday stitchers, what great projects, and a very industrious group! xx

  11. Two little cuties ff to school - hope they continue to enjoy it :-) Looks like a great day at stitching, well done with all the beautiful finishes!

  12. Aww aren't those little ladies adorable!! And all the lovely ladies with their show and tell - gorgeous! xx

  13. your little grandies are not so little ... glad they has a great day... and your friends are so productive.... love their show and tell

  14. Wow those holidays sped by. So glad your young ladies enjoyed their first day. Love that brown and teal quilt. All very lovely projects.

  15. Awww the girls are just sooo cute. Big girls now How that time has flown.My fifth Granddaughter started High school. That makes me feel very old...
    Also the sewing ladies and all theirs and yours beautiful show and tell. What a great group.

  16. What a lot of lovely projects your friends showed. Great idea to work on UFO's in that way. xx

  17. Wonderful Sunday full of craft!


  18. I love your show and tell, some wonderful creations, thanks for sharing. Guida

  19. Great to see the little ones in their uniforms ready for a big year. We sure did have a great sunday.

  20. first days are always so exciting............
    lots of great show and tell from sunday stitchers........

  21. oh and yes I saw that Lucy yours dead and buried or still got a chance of life?????


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