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Friday, January 5, 2018


The Christmas tree is now put away and treasured decorations nestling in their  boxes until next Christmas.
It occurred to me whilst doing this.....that perhaps I love little birdies lol! These are just the clip on variety....
 Decluttering several of my kitchen cupboards have happened too.....lots redirected to the recycling shop locally. It does make you feel lighter in spirit somehow! My scary pantry needs seeing to in the near future also. Not to mention my sewing/art cave....arrrgh! I wish I could be less sentimental about my Christmas Decorations as well and let some older ones go. But I don't seem to manage it! So many memories connected to them....even the tatty ones! Lost cause!
As much as I love decorating for Christmas I do love the simple joy of a clean and decluttered dining table......ahhhh feels very nice.
Little Phoebe is back on duty and has bought a friend to keep her company....
Progress is made on my January UFO challenge......I think perhaps I should aim for 2 blocks.....had way to much fun to make this one last for a whole month.
Another little Angel block is on its way too.
You may recall that I was not at all sure that I was going to enjoy my recent reading series but after beginning book no.6 I think perhaps I am slightly hooked!
So I guess there is substance to "Never judge a book by it's cover".
Well my break from my Summer cleaning and de-tinseling is over, so I best get back to it....
I am hoping you can find a simple joy somewhere in your day today.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hi Michelle yes it does make one feel better when you decluter i have just done my pantry and i am doing the sewing room today,though i have been distracted and i am now on the sewing machine,lol,well i did make an attempt,lol.
    I so love the elf blocks and your angel story blocks are being whipped up quite quickly,you are doing so well.
    Namaste and blessing to you to my friend xx

  2. Memories are what makes Christmas special, whether it's decorations or customs......just enjoy them, Michelle! You are making a good start to the new year with stitching too.

  3. We took our Xmas decorations down on the 2nd, getting ready to have my Mum over for the next 6 mths, so need to make sure anything breakable is put away, Mum has dementia so its like having a baby, you have to keep things out of reach. Love your stitchery. Guida

  4. Oh I am packing up tomorrow. Yes while the decos are beautiful and I love them .It's so refreshing to declutter. That I can do but the sewing room...that is soooo hard. Xx

  5. There is something about taking down the decorations that always seems to lead to a spate of cleaning! I agree that is definitely a sense of satisfaction when it is done.
    Lovely to see you have managed some stitching and reading as well. A perfect break.

  6. Pulling down the decos does inspire one to spring clean...I have even done a bit more myself::::really good for the soul ❤️❤️❤️

  7. My goodness you have been busy You make me tired.
    Good job with the decluttering and it is ok to keep the sentimental stuff

  8. I was lazy this Christmas apart from two Christmasy quilts I got nothing out........made for a quick clean up! :-)

  9. It wont surprise you that I clean up decorations at the earliest possible time!!! haha.... I agree it is hard throwing sentimental things away - so keep them I say! My pantry is a mess so you are welcome to pop around when you have done yours!!! haha...
    Lovely sewing and yes, you could easily manage another elfie...


  10. Lovely post Michelle - yes it's nice to declutter a little but some things are just not meant to go! Hehe with the ufo challenge :-) The last of my decorations went away today and now I'm at the playing stage and thinking what can go where!

  11. Wow, lots going on, you are making me feel dizzy! LOL Thankfully, short days this side of the globe, so will wait until spring before looking into my cupboards! ;-)

  12. Funnily enough that even not having Christmas decorations up this year (they were all in the boxes that are up at the house in Qld), I still ended up doing that decluttering, cleaning out fridges and paperwork etc - I think it comes with the start of a brand new shiny year! Now ......your little bears look quite cute (I miss mine sitting on the little chair - also in Qld lol) - but the little quilt/ rug behind them is very, very nice - is that the holly cottage Christmas? And I also love the table runner in the next photo down with the diagonal stripes - I would love to be able to make something like that! I've decided this year I really want to make some table runners! Do you have table runners in your patterns? I must have a look see


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