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Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Brinton Hall

After searching for a nice French blue without success  for the 1st border on Brinton Hall it was languishing in the I searched through my stash AGAIN and found the remnants of another quilts border....measured and pronto! Enough! I probably won't have enough for the final border in it but I think being so scrappy I can get away with something else.
Then the fun you ever have those days when you repeat the same error over and over?? I cut out the homespun for the centrepiece base 3 times incorrectly! Truly! I'm blaming the fact that I have a head cold.....or else I need seeing to!
Lucky No. 4 and we have a base and I could begin appliquing the hexies to the border! Hooray! I like how it looks....
I feel like I can now move forward with this one.....many more hexies to go on the border in a strip...
Gotta love hexies! On the subject of all things EPP....
Some very nice friends knew that I was using reproduction fabric scraps for my Clamshell Quilt and have so generously added to my "Clammie Collection" as it is becoming known......thank you wonderful ladies xxxxxxx These are going to make a wonderful difference to the scrappy look I was hoping for.
I get to have a little chop and hand the box nice 😊
I am so going to enjoy making up a whole new lot of clamshells from them.
Stitchers are such lovely people.
Last week a little parcel arrived for me to assist me in my 2018 quest to use less plastic. Plastic straws do so much damage along with single use plastic bags to our marine life and it seems like there are trillions of them.
So I invested in some stainless steel ones to keep in my bag for when the need arises.
They come with their own little cleaning brush but can also go in the dishwasher.
I am trying very hard this year to walk the talk and not just pay lip service to doing better in my choices. Every little change we make definitely makes a difference!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Brinton Hall is looking wonderful, I think we all have those days when things just don't happen the way we want them to! Yay for stitching buddies!! Great idea with the straws, I haven't seen them before.

  2. Ahhh..Yes, I know about cutting out things the wrong size and isn't it funny how you always cut the piece too small! Love those straws, must get some myself.

  3. I am the queen of cutting wrong❤️❤️❤️Love your Brinton Hall ❤️❤️

  4. Aren’t you so glad number 12 came up!
    Brinton Hall is looking fabulous even with all the challenges it has thrown at you.
    Yay for friends that share their stash lol

  5. Brinton Hall is very pretty! Very kind of your friends to share stash......but then quilters are nice people.

  6. Of course patchwork friends are nice!!
    I didn't know you could get the S/Steel straws in a bent shape...I have bought straight ones for my daughter complete with brush.

  7. Brinton Hall looks gorgeous. Thanks for the reminder about the straws. I meant to look them up the other day & forgot. Hugs,xx

  8. Hi Michelle i love your Brinton hall. Thankyou for showing us the straws i havent seen these before,think i had better get some.Hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  9. Your quilt is looking wonderful, love that blue for the border. Take care, Guida.

  10. Oh yes, those cutting mistakes - it must be a part of the process ;-)
    It sometimes amazes me what comes out of a stash! I am having "discovery tour" myself at the moment, fabrics everywhere!

  11. Brinton Hall is just lovely and I'm looking forward to seeing the next layer on.. Clammie is having a definite feel of 'friends' which will make it even more special... Why did they stop making those thin paper straws? Stainless steel sounds good though

  12. Brinton Hall looks great and I look forward to seeing it comd together.

  13. Love the way the hexies are coming along. Must look out for the stainless steel straws. Have a great week xx

  14. No! All those wrong cuts would have sent me crazy. I am so glad it worked in the end. Good to see at least the hexies behaving.
    Interesting idea with the straws. Great solution.

  15. You have found a lovely blue there which works perfectly with your hexies. Great idea, the reusable straws! xx

  16. I think that your blue is just perfect Michelle - what a find!! Nice friends to share their stach with you, it will give a great variety. Great idea with the straws - and walking the talk - perfect :-)

  17. I love your border. Do you use a whole piece of fabric to needle turn the EPP to or do you use strips? Not sure how to finish my Little Lucy. Your EPP is looking amazing.

  18. I just love Brinton Hall Michelle and urs beautiful colors


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