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Thursday, February 1, 2018

Daisy Hill Quilters

Oh it is so lovely and cool today.....such a relief! Some of the wet stuff may fall too.
Yesterday I spent the day with my lovely friends for our stitching day.
Some one got a selfie stick for Christmas lol! So our paparazzi shot from Robyn.

It was lovely to see everyone...almost a full compliment....missing was friend Theresa.
Even our dear friend Sue who sails the sevens seas was in safe harbour at home....what a treat to have a big hug and a good old chin wag.
We had 3 birthday girls and Diane whipped up her delicious Victoria sponge to celebrate.....
I worked on my Brinton Hall hexies but I shan't bore you with a photo.  You know it is so touching when friends embrace who you are.....your belief systems etc. Dear Robyn yesterday gifted me with this....
Beeswax food wrap....isn't it pretty. I can wrap my sandwich when I go a stitching and not use any clingwrap.....wash it in cool water and detergent....hey presto ready to go it! Thanks my friend for thinking of me xx
Today I decided to tackle something that I have only done once before and made a mess of. You know I prefer hand sewing over machining but I really wanted to contribute to a charity block collection we are having at Sunday Stitchers......SO! Big girl bloomers on and 4 x string pieced blocks......
I am ever so slightly chuffed with myself! Feels so nice to contribute! Just goes to show when nice people explain what has to happen you feel more confident to try.
A little stash drawer investigation has happened and I am making some LAVENDER preparations for this months circles.
I do like these circles and I have nice friends joining in and going around in circles with me.
In an earlier post I told you of a series of books I had to read and wasn't sure if they were for me....well I guess they were as I am now on Book 7 lol!
I hope you are enjoying your Thursday, I saw a little graphic on FB and I loved the saying....
"This house is lived in, it's not for show. If you don't like the mess you know where to go"

Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. We can buy beeswax wraps here too, at our local growers' market - sold by a beekeeper. That sponge looks most delicious! Well done on the machine stitching, now that didn't hurt, did it? *grin*

  2. The beeswax wrap looks interesting. My steel straws arrived today. 😊. Love your blocks & circles. Hugs, xx

  3. I love the beeswax wraps too, I wrap a cut avocado in it if I haven't eaten it all, it keeps well. So nice some straight line sewing bought you a boost to your self esteem!

  4. so fun seeing the picture of you all... I have met most of them at some time so it's lovely to see familiar faces.... I was talking with someone about those beeswax papers... will be interested to hear how it goes. well done with your strip blocks.... now you could do a quilt in them???? haha.... so quick with your circles - it's only day 1 of the month!!!

  5. Nice to get back to stitching with your friends.
    Lovely beeswax wrap Robyn gifted you...
    Great string blocks.

  6. Lovely work. So nice to catch up with friends. Take care, Guida.

  7. Always lovely stitching with friends. How clever is your pretty cling wrap and circles in Lavender will be very pretty

  8. Lovely post Michelle, so nice to have your stitching friends catch up. great blocks too.

  9. Lovely to have a sewing day with friends, Robyn will be enjoying playing with the selfie stick. 😆 that beeswax wrap is great Raewyn sent me one last year, works really well. Well done on the machine stitching, the block looks great. Now you will be machine sewing all kinds off things. Your lavender circles are looking very pretty, so good when you find books you love to read....wonderful saying.

  10. Good morning Michelle ,its always fun to sew with friends ,those bees wax wraps are a fantastic idea. Your charity block looks fantastic well done and i am loving your lavender circles,hope you are keeping cool my friend ,hope you have a wonderful day xx

  11. You have some lovely groups and it is great to see what you work on when there.
    Aren't the beeswax wraps a great idea. Our grandson's school has gone rubbish free so all lunches and snacks need to be in reusable packs or wraps. These work perfectly.
    Great work with your charity blocks. And more lovely fabrics in the circles.

  12. How lovely is that little beeswax bag. I am trying to figure out how it is made as my dad is a beekeeper and has beeswax and now my creative spirit wants to try making one lol. Mmmm, Victoria sponge yum. I can only dream of eating some now. ( No sugar permitted for me again for a while). I shall take a look at that book now. Love your stripey blocks.

  13. Wasn't it a great day on Wednesday. Time just flew. So pleased you got the machine out.. hope it's the new one. X

  14. Well done on your strip blocks. Hope this works as this is the 4 th attempt at commenting

  15. Well done on the string blocks!

  16. Sounds like a lovely day with your friends Michelle, and the cake looks Delicious! The beeswax wraps are fabulous - I wrap my sammies in one for work every time; you'll enjoy it for sure :-) Your string pieceing looks great - you look like a real pro, it's turned out so pretty. Well done on the circles and book reading....that saying from fb suits me down to a tee!

  17. you are very welcome my friend... and I just knew you would love the beeswax paper...


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