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Sunday, January 7, 2018

January FNWF

First Friday night stitchalong for the year.
I was weary after the final cleaning and putting away of the decos, so it was very nice to curl up in my chair and do some quiet stitching with my other blogging friends from Australia and beyond. CHERYLL From Gone Stitchin' is responsible for gathering us all together each month.
My efforts consisted of the stitchery on another Angel Story block.  This one is supposed to be called "Angela the Animal Lover" but I am renaming it "Esther the Animal Lover " after my vetinarian friend Esther who is so dedicated to her work.
I changed the design and placed the bird outside the cage. I don't like to see birds in cages.....
It looks happy to be out of there lol! It doesn't look like it but there was a bit of stitching on this block. It saw me through until bedtime. I have some prep done for the next block but was too tired to start marking it out...I didn't fancy a do over!
Last evening I felt like a little break from stitchery so I basted up some more clamshells. With this lot and whats in my tin, I think I may have 3 more rows of 20 ready to get stitched in place on the quilt.
We also have a little house guest. She is getting so old, poor Miss Sophie. She was not at all impressed at being left with us and did not budge from our living room door which over looks the street for 5 hours lol!

However this morning we have made ourselves quite and home and does NOT get the concept that doggies aren't allowed on the lounge chair...sigh!
After her 5am wake up call to us to be let in, Miss Sophie is a bit tired........ Just as well we are dog lovers.....
Where's the coffee?
I hope you enjoy this beautiful Sunday folks.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Like the new header!
    Lovely Angel Story Book block, nice to see the bird free.
    Lots of nice clamshells there ready to sew together.
    Pleased Sophie has settled in, maybe too much.
    Enjoy your coffee ☕️

  2. Miss Sophielooks very settled there. Love your blocks on angel story.

  3. Love your block and it is nice to know that I am not the only one who does not like birds in cages....or fish in bowls and tanks. I traced a few of my blocks on to fusible webbing yesterday in air con at my parents' place as it was waaaay too hot here. So, you have encouraged me to get on with it. Miss Sophie is adorable.Your clam shells are looking rather yummy.

  4. Poor Miss Sophie....seems she has settled now. Such a pretty block for Angel Story.

  5. Hello, Miss Sophie.....welcome to Blogland! I am with you on caged birds, I think it is unutterably cruel. We are lucky enough to have unoccupied Crown land behind us with wonderful birds flying free......right now, young magpies and young galahs from last Spring's hatchlings.

  6. Just love your stitcheries...agree the bird needed to be free...looks so content there. The clamshells are multiplying beautifully. Love Miss Sophie making herself at home on the lounge. Have a great day. Xx

  7. Mmmmmm Coffee. I think I need one now...

  8. Your stitchery is delightful! Love the bird on top of the cage! Your clamshells are so pretty! As for that coffee...looks yummy!

  9. Lovely block and wow on those clam shells.
    Nice to see Sophie feeling comfy while she visits 😉

  10. Aaaah Miss Sophie, what a life! lovely stitchery and lots of pretty clams ready to be stitched...

  11. Esther the Animal Lover is perfect... and Sophie has found herself at home...

  12. Miss Sophie is beautiful. I love that you got the bird out of the cage, Michelle. Happy New Year, my friend.

  13. Miss Sophie is rather cute Michelle - glad she is settling in. Your clamshells are looking pretty stunning!

  14. Awww Miss Sophie looks like a darling...! Love that you put the bird out of the cage :) xx

  15. That's a lovely block and i agree about the bird being outside the cage. And that is a good supply of clam shells to be going on with.
    Good of you to look after Miss Sophie. I understand how important it is to have someone to care for older dags. She is lucky.

  16. It does take some care & time to put away the Christmas things Michelle... I love the 'clean slate' feeling after I've finished doing that.
    Hope your dog-sitting wasn't too tiring

  17. Pretty stitchery! I like that you let the bird out of the cage. A bird lover as well as a dog lover apparently. I haven't put Christmas away yet as we had another family get together yesterday to celebrate DD#3's birthday and hubby and my 40th anniversary. The clean up chore is slated for today but I haven't done a thing on it yet....

  18. Wunderschön gestickt !
    Und so ein niedlicher Hund ...
    Liebe Grüße

  19. Love the blocks and the Clam Shells Michelle

  20. Love the block and I am with you too having the bird outside the cage. Your clamshells are looking wonderful.


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