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Friday, January 26, 2018

Happy Australia Day

 Happy Australia Day to you all here in the land "Down Under".  We have chosen to exercise the freedom we sometimes take for granted here and have a nice relaxing day. When you travel through this land as we have been lucky enough to do you can't help but be awed by its strange beauty and feel such gratitude to have experienced it.
I thought I would share some favourite places with you....ones that touched my heart.
Rock Pool Carnarvon Gorge Queensland 

Springsure Queensland 
Yellow Water Billabong Kakadu National Park 
Sunrise Yellow Water Billabong Kakadu National Park 
Ubir Kakadu National Park 

Beautiful Arafura Sea Darwin
Buley Rock Hole NT
Sunset Broken Hill NSW
MacKenzie Falls, The Grampians Victoria
Just a tiny few of my favourite Aussie spots......we are so blessed!
Billabong Stawell Victoria 
Ok! Time for a cuppa and a piece of the delicious damper Hubby has been trying to perfect.
The Olives are for he and No.1 son....I don't like them!
I hope you enjoy celebrating in your own Aussie fashion.
Nouralngie Kakadu National Park 
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. Hi Michelle lovely Koala drawing,very cute and love your pics of your favourite spots,hope you stay cool today my friend,its stinking hot here already,i will be sewing with the air conditioner on today,Happy Australia day Michelle xx

  2. Happy Australia day to you.......if I was any good at singing I would sing it for you! But I'm not.

  3. Hi Michelle. Happy Australia Day to you to. Love your photos, we do take too much for granted in our beautiful country. We are having a lazy relaxing day to. Take care, Sue

    1. Thank you so much Sue. I hope you are enjoying your day also x

  4. Think we are getting the heat you should be having! Love your koala and the damper looks very appetising ... well your side anyway.

  5. We are indeed fortunate to live here, Michelle......I love your favourite places too. I'll have your olives if you don't want them!

  6. A lovely selection of photos of our great country, Michelle! DH is at golf so the cat and I have had a lovely relaxed day! 😉

  7. Gorgeous photos Michelle - you certainly DO live in a beautiful & very picturesque country. Happy Australia Day !

  8. Love your Aussie photos Michelle. We have been to the Yellow Billabong, I'm happy to say.

  9. Happy Australia Day... and wow you have seen many places here

  10. Happy Australia Day Michelle. What a beautiful list of places you have seen. We live in a spectacular country. And I love the little koala, reminds me of when we lived near you and saw them quite often! xx

  11. Happy Australia Day to you from Alabama! Beautiful pictures. Hugs,

  12. Happy Day After Australia Day! And thank for the photographic tour. I would love to visit some of those sights. If I ever get to Oz, I'll be paying you a visit!!

  13. Lovely post Michelle - certainly a vast and interesting country!

  14. Beautiful pics of beautiful places but I love your Koala drawing the best.

  15. Happy Australia Day. Koala is so cute. Photos are amazing. Like you mine is without the olives..xx

  16. Beautiful photos of amazing places Michelle, this sure is the lucky country.

  17. Such beautiful photos you take Michelle of some very beautiful spots. We are indeed very lucky

  18. absolutely gorgeous shots from our country..........


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