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Sunday, January 14, 2018

Decision Made

After umming and ahhing I have decide that I will once again this year join in over at SO SCRAPPY for
I love the whole concept of this.....using what you already have to create something new! All those bits of unloved or out of favour fabrics we all have in our stash.
So after a refreshing cool swim this morning, some work on a new art can read about that HERE I set about doing some prep work for what I have chosen for this challenge.
So what did I choose? Little circles!
January is BLUE. My aim is to do 4 in each months colour. Using a 61/2 inch background block of all my creams, tans and beige scrap pieces.
So my little circles are ready to be basted down ready to applique in place.
My UFO challenge for January is coming along nicely......
I shall show you when I get done. You would think a Christmas project would be the last thing you would want to do but I am enjoying it.
 Ok....Back to my circle basting.

I hope wherever you are the weather is not affecting you too much. It has been a bit extreme in both hemispheres of late.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Love the circles Michelle - a nice simple but effective idea. Fun stitched too. xx

  2. Hi Michelle this sounds like fun,love your circles and your little elf looks cute,we have had the heater on the last 2 days ,carazy weather here,lol xx

  3. Hi Michelle, I am new to your blog & really enjoying reading your adventures. Love your Angel story designs I also have been wanting to start mine, think you might be inspiring me.:-)
    The weather here in ballarat has been a little cool, we will be sweltering during the week, crazy.
    Hope you enjoy you week, looking forward to your next blog, take care, Sue

    1. Thank you so much for visting Sue. Angel Story is lovely to stitch xx

  4. Looking forward to seeing your circles during the year, Michelle......what a good idea!

  5. What a great way to use your lovely scraps Michelle... and stitched onto those various backgrounds, will be quite lovely.
    It's been hot here south of Perth this weekend, but fortunately not too bad so far this summer.

  6. my my my.... what to do!!! Love your new project...

  7. Love the idea of the circles!!! So simple, and yet so elegant.

  8. Love your circles. Never to early for a Christmas project. 😊😊. Hugs, xx

  9. HOT! Hah! I had the heating on yesterday. Just when we finally decided to have a guy come today to advise us on air con LOL. Love your blue circles and look forward to seeing what you make with them. Loving your Christmas project. I reckon you are smart starting now.

  10. Loving what you do are going ❤️❤️

  11. Love the idea of the circles - that will certainly help you destash the beiges etc....I get so tempted when I see the RSC...may have come up with a plan today...

  12. Love the circles, great idea.

  13. It is hard to resist the scrap challenge when you have been doing it for a while. Great idea with the circles.
    And Christmas is never a wrong project!!

  14. Love the circles. Isn't it nice to have some cooler weather. Looking forward to seeing more circles. Take care xx

  15. A good way to chew through your scraps Michelle, those circles will make a lovely quilt. Any day is a good day to work on a Christmas project!

  16. Great circles Michelle, will be an interesting project. The stitchery is cute, if you are in the mood for a Christmas stitchery then you are, happy stitching.

  17. Oh the weather is very warm. That ice cream looks delicious. Good planning with the circles

  18. Oh now that is a good idea to do those circles!! I keep thinking.. should I join in, shouldn't it.... sigh... xx

  19. Hi Michelle,
    I am new to your blog too. Well done with the circles and the stitchery. They look great.
    Sounds like you had fun in Broken Hill. I am from Cobar, NSW.
    I have a few Magazines here. Two bag patterns are: a Scrappy Butterfly Bag and Summer Garden Tote. The Magazines are: Charming bags to sew and Decorate with Patchwork. Well done.


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