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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Katherine and Clamshells Part One

Firstly thank you for all your lovely comments. Some folks I couldn't respond to but know that I read and appreciated your comments too.
Well here we are in Katherine NT. Yesterday was a big tick on the bucket list. Cruising Nitmiluk Gorge. I imagined it would be pretty neat but it was spectacular.
I warn you there are a few pics!
Our river transport...
We were astounded at the huge colony,  literally 100s of thousands of small red flying foxes roosting in the trees along the river.

The colours of the gorge....amazing!
Rock art too....
We rode in 3 different boats to cruise the 3 gorges....

This is the most famous and most photographed shot of the thought I may as well join in too.
Truly breathtaking. We stopped on the journey back for a snack and a swim in a safe snappers according to our guide. It was a wonderful experience.

We lay under the little waterfall......just lovely! I was surprised at how bracing the water was when you first hopped in...brrr!
We did see a few of those snappers.....can you pick him out sunbathing. Just freshwater ones that aren't too fussed on us humans....thankfully.
It was a truly unique and wonderful experience.
Now my post did say clamshells. I have been basting away as the miles fall away and sewing the rows in the evenings if I feel like it. I have 8 rows together on my roadtrip quilt......cannot believe that I have almost used up all the bits of fabric I prepared to bring with me....thank goodness for a quilt shop in Darwin....I need some more!
Anyway the Clamshells!

Ok must dash Part 2 coming up next.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Amazing how you use up those bits of fabric. Glad you found a quilt shop. Beautiful scenery and sunshine.

  2. Katherine Gorge looks gorgeous - hope we go one day! The clamshells look really pretty, and you are so energetic doing that after travelling all day.

  3. Flying foxes! Wow. Never heard of them. Love your pics. Great clamshells too. xx

  4. Beautiful scenery! I would love to see the flying foxes.

  5. The gorge looks absolutely magical... how lovely.
    you have done heaps of your clamshells and they look just lovely together... great travel project.

  6. Hi Michelle, another great post.
    I know you will love Litchfield N.P enjoy.
    Your Clamshells are so pretty,great to be able to do them in the caravan, after the sightseeing.
    Hugs R.

  7. Really enjoying your travels Michelle, thank goodness there were no snappers where you could swim!!Your clam shells are growing quickly and looking amazing.

  8. Flying foxes! Wow. Never heard of them. Love your pics. Great clamshells too. xx



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