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Monday, August 21, 2017

Farewell Darwin. G'day Kakadu

Well folks more long posts! So be warned.  I shall be not offended if you skim through or skip a comment on these holiday snaps. I do understand its more exciting doing the doing rather than seeing tge snaps lol! We had a quiet kind of last day in Darwin, visiting the Royal Flying Doctor's Service on the wharf.
We then explored a spot called Nightcliff and Rapid pretty!

We took advantage of a coffee and fish and chip van...yum!
Iced coffees and hot chips with sauce.....
It was so peaceful sitting staring out over the beautiful Arafura Sea. I took a trillion photos but won't bore you silly with them all.

We have loved our time much history and beauty to see and experience.
Kakadu National Park was next on our "really want to see" list. We have heard so many differing points of view about it....all I can say if you come prepared to make an effort to experience some of its amazing natural beauty you will be in awe....if not....I am truly sorry that you missed it. Anyway we were excited to get here.
Our children groan at our selfie attempts and I think the lovely young girl waiting for her turn at the photo felt the same.....she graciously offered to take our photos....she was such a sweet girl....a Northern Terriorian as well.

Job done lol!
I shall be back with Ubirr shortly!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Well.....I for one am enjoying tagging along on your holiday, Michelle!

  2. I also am enjoying the pics etc. so nice to have a photo of the both of you, sweet girl for helping you out.🤗

  3. I'm definitely not skimming through your posts Michelle! It's great to see your pics & read your news.

  4. well I don't find it boring... I want to go there....


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