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Monday, August 21, 2017


A lot of the items on our holiday list have belonged to hubby but this one is mine and in capital letters....SUNSET AT UBIRR. I was thrilled just with the drive in...
Before we get there though we visit the Border store and Cahills Crossing.

My boys love watching the extreme 4wd blokes and have seen lots about Cahills's not actually the real Crossing Mr Cahill used to drive his cattle across the river...its upstream a aways anyway....crazy people go fishing there with crocs watching their every move.....

Its a bit of a dicey crossing in the dry season ......
And as you can see some come to grief.....note one dead 4wd.
We counted 10 crocs whilst we were watching from a safe platform....

I was glad to hop back in the car.....
The monoliths of rocks in Ubirr is amazing....some look like they have been sliced and placed in layers. Several rock art sites as well.
We had a bit of a climb to experience the flood plains vista but so worth it.
View from the top....

Then the very top!

Amazing 360 degree panoramic views......we were early so we found a shady spot under an overhanging ledge and just sat still, listened and took it all in. It was like we were the only two people on the planet.....magic! We must have sat there for over an hour. Even when other folks arrived they too became quiet.....natures effect on us is incredible some the sunset!

Stunning! Definitely a diamond day!
The drive home was a tad scary.....pitch black and I was really worried about wildlife.....thankfully we had an uneventful trip. But STARS Kay STARS!
Thanks for hanging in there.


  1. I had a stunning sunset just like that this afternoon...........and living in a dark sky I love it when I look out of a night and see so many stars........nature has amazing effects on us........

  2. Love being out in nature. I'm so glad the other people were silenced, too, and didn't ruin your experience.

  3. Just gorgeous..... I will use your blog as a guide book one day...

  4. I'm definitely not skimming through your posts Michelle! It's great to see your pics & read your news.


  5. Oh wow...than you so much for bring me along too. Photos are amazing. What a beautiful country we blest.
    Keep sharing. Miss you. X

  6. Thought of you when I noticed the fingernail sliver of light in the night sky a couple of nights ago. Yes, the STARS! Little moonlight so it would have been Starlight Starbright. The Heavens declare! Really enjoying your trip, my trip down memories lanes. Thank you so much.

  7. I'm always a sucker for a sunset - gorgeous. xx

  8. Just beautiful, that sunset is well worth waiting for! Not sure about fishing with the crocs watching!!! That pile of rocks is amazing, Mother Nature is very clever.

  9. Time for me to do another catch up on your posts all at once. i think Kakadu has to be one of my all time favourite places. I am loving your photos and stories. The rocks are stunning and the art is amazing. Glad you are having a great time.


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