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Monday, August 14, 2017

Delightful Darwin

We have finally arrived at the object of our recent exercise......Darwin capital of our Top End. We began our time here with a visit to the much anticipated Mindil Beach markets and stayed for the sunset. Both interesting and amazing.
Live music......loved this bloke!
The markets were so busy......people everywhere!
Oh and this bloke....
He was very kind and bought me dinner. Next a possie on the beach for the jewel in the day....

Simply gorgeous!
Today we did a little sightseeing along the East Point Reserve....very picturesque. The colour of that water....

Whilst here we visited the Darwin Military Museum. Mr. R. is a big history of the war buff. Not in a glorification way but the history of it all I tagged along begrudgingly!
I shall spare you all those photos but I have to say that I am sure many Aussies don't realise what Darwin went through when 188 Japanese aircraft bombed the city on the 19th February 1942 at 9.58am. This and the follow up assault an hour later killed 251 people and sunk 11 ships and caused massive damage to the town.
At least 62 further raids would follow over the NT. When you gaze over the beautiful peaceful harbour it seems unimaginable! I love the story of the Aussie digger who was in the shower when the bombers went over.....he grabbed a towel for around his waist, donned his boots and helmet and manned his gun....shooting down a plane in the ensuing madness. When calm finally fell he realised his towel had gone long ago...of course his mates nicknamed him the "naked gun" Lol! His name was Wilbert Hudson and he won the Military Cross for his actions.
I was struck by this beautiful memorial to serviceman lost.
And surprise, surprise there is a beautiful quilt....

On the subject of quilts, I squeezed in a visit here too.
I have no idea what this is in Bicentennial Park but I really liked it.
A lovely park...
And I even discovered some explorer's history...

Loved the pretty blooms along the way too! Darwin you have so much to be proud of!

All in all a very nice day. It's a good day when you learn something new. We were very pleased with our navigational skills and then smudged our copybook by getting hopelessly lost looking for Woolies for some supplies lol! Success in the end.
Nighty night folks....cuppa waiting.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. I loved my stay in Darwin and the market and sunset were just beautiful. Enjoy

  2. Seems the day shared both your interests. its good to stop and absorb some of the history.

  3. I'm loving your adventures, even though I've lived here for 14 yrs I've not been to many of the places you've visited and am enjoying visiting them through your journies, cheers Vickie

  4. That's so interesting, Michele! For a long time the story of Darwin being bombed was kept under wraps, probably for morale, but it is part of our history for sure.

  5. Loving your holiday.......keep up the posts an be pics...... Great places to visit.......

  6. Very interesting. I know a bit of the history of the bombing of Darwin but hadn't heard that story about the naked gun. I'm with Chooky - keep up the posts & pics. :) Hugs,xx

  7. Hi Michelle,how exciting for you both ,Darwin is such a beautiful place and also the weather is wonderful,glad to see you both enjoying your trip so much xx

  8. Loved reading this post and seeing around Darwin - one day I'll get there...

  9. Hi Michelle, we were in Darwin last year for several days after concluding the Ghan Rail trip. And it was so hot - much too hot for a couple of Kiwis! We are currently in holiday in sunny Cairns and the temps are wonderful. Haven't found a quilt shop yet, though I believe there are a couple somewhere.

  10. Gorgeous sunset. I had no idea that Australia had been bombed during the war - shame on me! Beautiful quilt and the story behind it. xx

  11. Wow more gorgeous photos. A fabric shop you know you have to make a donation. Keep enjoying xx


  13. Good to see you are fitting in a couple of quilt shops but you do have a fantastic excuse not to see any - that gorgeous country of ours and you have seen some of its best. Love tagging along with your holiday even if it is only via blogland..xx

  14. Great pics of your travels, thanks for taking us along.
    Love the story of good ol Wilbert, sums up the Aussie digger doesn't it? Lol

  15. Darwin is an amazing place and has grown rapidly in the last few years. I do enjoy visiting museums that showcase our history.
    Glad you had a fabric fix.

  16. I have recently watched the movie Australia and saw some of the bombing of Darwin in that, I didn't know how badly they were hit. Loved the naked gun story, very typical Aussie. Your beach site has a beautiful view!! Love the flowers too...oooo I would love to visit that shop, have seen their adds in magazines. Enjoy your wonderful trip.

  17. So interesting... I'd love to get up there one day.. not in the summer though! What a lovely bloke to buy you dinner :) xx

  18. Such beautiful memories . I think I visited that museum back in the 70's . Was it there then? Looks like you are having a fantastic time. Sorry I haven't got to all of your posts.

  19. Beautiful photos, Michelle! I love this fabulous quilt! Kisses, my friend.


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