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Friday, August 11, 2017

Litchfield National Park

Well the heat has well and truly found us here in Batchelor so we were glad of some cool respite by visting the park.....more pic heavy!
Our first stop was the Magnetic Termite Mounds....astonishing things!

This one is over 50 years old.

From there off to Florence pretty!
Loved this sweet little native bush just finishing its flowering.
We were really feeling the heat so we decided on a dip in Wangi Falls plunge pool. This spot was so beautiful!

Playing water nymph....the water was chilly and I loved it!
After lunch we visited Tolmer Falls...
Amazing  rock formations all around here.
Look at the colours in this group....
The view from the top was spectacular!
Hot and bothered again we decided to risk life and limb and scramble over slippery rocks for a cool down at Buley Rock Hole.

Ahhhh! Then home in time for the bird feeding....these are Red Collared Lorikeets. I thought they were our Rainbows from home but they are completely different apparently.
They were everywhere along with galahs, cockatoos and some cheeky honeyeaters.
Yesterday we visited the Butterfly house but too quick for my camera.
Loved this beautiful Frangipani. We call them Singapore Frangipani but apparently they are no such thing. I have a white one at home.
That is finally it for this post folks....thanks for hanging in there.
Litchfield definitely exceeded expectations!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Those termite mounds are huge!! Those waterfalls and pools look very inviting, I don't blame you for dipping in.

  2. Those termite mounds are amazing! I saw some in Gove years ago when I visited my sister, but none as big as that! Love the flowers... xx

  3. Fabulous scenery. Love those termite mounds. The pink/white flower is a Desert Rose(Adenium). Hugs,xx

  4. What an amazing place Michelle...those termite mounds are incredible. Nice you could find some places to swim in the heat. The frangipani is beautiful.

  5. what a fabulous place, and you are getting into the spirit with climbing all over just for a cool swim.... those termite mounds are amazing - are there still termites living and building?

  6. Great Photos Michelle, glad you loved Litchfield.
    we thought it even better than Kakadu.
    Hugs R.

  7. Loved revisiting this beautiful place with you, Michelle. But I was surprised to read that it was such a hot August. It was very hot when we were there in April! Loved all your photos! Those flowers and lorikeets are beautiful!

  8. Wow just beautiful. Am enjoying your holiday.hehe. keep it coming xx

  9. Great pictures - amazing termite mounds! xx

  10. Thank you Michelle for your photos of beautiful places. I enjoy them so much. Your clamshell looks good, lucky for you that you found a quiltshop to buy some fabrics. Its going fast.

  11. I think I would happily swap for some of the heat you have there. Beautiful birds and flowers. And the water looks relaxing.

  12. Beautiful pics. Love the water nymphs. I have a feeling you have lots of artwork ideas to bring home.

  13. Thank you for sharing those great pics Michelle; what a wonderful time you're having!
    We really do live in a country of contrast, & natural beauty

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