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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Daly Waters

Daly Waters pub has been on our bucket list for a very long time and it didn't disappoint. What fun we had. It was established in 1930.
The bougainvillea over the doorway was nothing short of spectacular!
All manner of craziness awaits inside....collections of undies, bras, hats, stickers shirts.....why? Who knows!

 Loved all the emergency workers patches....
Money from all over the world.....
Number plates make an interesting decorating feature on the Mens rest room.
Water feature???
A bit history told.
We enjoyed a drink here and met some very interesting characters.
They are famous for their BBQ Beef and Barra.....oh so delicious!

Stiil not sure why the helicopter is on the roof over the road....hmmm!
The post box is real and I posted postcards there...hope they make it lol!
All in all a great experience!
Next post Mataranka.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Lokks like a fun & interesting place to visit. Hugs xx

  2. I hope to visit here one day, that bougainvillea looks very impressive. The meals look food too. It is interestin gho collections start, did anyone explain hkw they happened to you?

  3. You really are going at a cracking pace, covering the most interesting places. I have never been to N.T. but it looks like an amazing trip. What a strange lot of collections :)

  4. Awesome blog, i always enjoy & read the post you are sharing!
    Thank for your very good article...!


  5. Oh the barramundi - hope you enjoyed it - its my favourite!!

  6. What fun! I thoroughly enjoyed all the pictures, and had to look up a couple of things. =) BTW, no need o reply to my comments. Just letting you know I'm enjoying your trip, too.


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