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Thursday, October 1, 2015

A Morning Out

I have had a lovely morning today catching up  with  fellow blogger, Liz from Village Quilters. All the way from our southern states. Liz is visting family. I forgot my camera piccie. I can however show you the little pieces of treasure that leapt into my bag at The Quilters Store at Salisbury...

I needed a few extra pieces for my "Roma" pretty! I was quite restrained amongst all that gorgeous fabric and only bought what I  needed...ohh hard!
A coffee and a very yummy apple tart finished off our visit beautifully. Thanks Liz x
I just have to share with you a huge extravagance for me. Ever since I  began art classes I have drooled over the complete set of Faber-Castell Polychromos pencils..120 in total. They're very expensive and I didn't think I  would ever have them all. But then I decided I would just save and save all my pennies and see if I could fill my piggy bank. Finally a few weeks ago I came across a very good price and I bought them.

There are 3 trays of gorgeous colours...

I am so looking forward to using them....maybe even on my latest WIP...little Tassie.

Still lots to do but he is coming on. They are one of my favourite Aussies. So sad to think we may lose them to that horrible virus.
On a brighter note my Clivia has out done herself this year with 5 bracts of flowers. I grew it from a small piece so I am quite chuffed.

Seeing as I have played truant from my work today, I best get moving and do a little bit.
Namaste and Blessings 
Michelle xxx


  1. Hello Michelle,

    Always good to catch up for a chat and cuppa plus that bit of shopping. Congrats on your Clivia growing, they are such pretty flowers. Maybe a drawing of them to come.

    Happy days.

  2. Love your goodies. The pencils look fabulous as does lil Tassie. Gorgeous Clivia blooms. Hugs, xx

  3. I wish I had an excuse to buy those coloured pencils!! Love the little Tas! Did you know they released 20 immunised, captivity reared Tassie devils into the wild recently to try and combat the cancer ravaging their numbers. Unfortunately, 2 have already been reported dead from car hits :(

  4. Oh Michelle, those pencils are glad you managed to get them, and your work deserves it. Great job with the clivea - ours don't do much at all at the moment :) xx

    1. How lovely to meet Liz and get to buy a few little yummies. Such a beautiful work you do with your amazing drawings and I know those lovely news pencils will be put to good use

  5. It's fabulous to meet fellow bloggers.. Nice goodies popped into your bag..
    What a beautiful set of pencils.
    Your Tassie Devil is is gorgeous, you are very talented Michelle.

  6. Ooo,I like your new fabrics. Another hexie project? Girgeous pencils, well worth the expense especially for such a talented artist.

  7. Good on you Michelle, those pencils look so good, just waiting for you to use them! Enjoy x

  8. Dear Michelle,
    these pencils are well worth their money, used to have the 120 aquarell box from faber and just loved it.

  9. Lovely new fabrics! Those pencils are amazing Michelle, I am sure they will get lots of use. ..little Tassie is looking really good.

  10. Sounds like a lovely day with you beng a super hostess :-) Those pencils look beautiful, I bet you will love using them. Love your little Tassie too.

  11. Always great to spend time with friends and what lovely goodies jumping into your bag! LOL! Wish my bag had of been there! Love those pencils, I bet you can't wait to get at them.

  12. Hi Michelle (sorry i have been having major computer issues) i am so glad you treated yourself with these lovely pencils,you so deserve them and wow your tassie is looking wonderful,well done my friend xx

  13. This reminds me so much of my set of Derwents..whilst in early Primary school - ny best friend had a set of 72 Derwent coloured pencils - how I wanted a set - but a big "No" from Mum...I bought myself some years ago...havent used them much but at least I have them now...maybe I should take up the latest colouring in craze.

    Hard to resist when in the Quilters Store

  14. You were very restrained with your purchases, but then I saw your gorgeous pencil set. How wonderful!

  15. Those pencils look amazing Michelle - I am sure you will enjoy them. Nice fabric purchase too. xx

  16. Great to catch up with you. I had a lovely time. Hope we can do it again next time we venture North.


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