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Friday, October 23, 2015

Applique Begun

Good morning to you all. I love mornings like this when everything is fresh from the afternoon storm the day before....makes for a very pleasant early morning wander. I also love when our aged Jacaranda tree dons her pretty blossoms for the year.

And so our mauve carpet on the lawn begins.

The blue faced honeyeaters love it when she blooms...they were too quick for my camera.  I found this piccie on pinterest for the overseas girls.

I am still very happily stitching away on my Roma's Quilt. I decided to embroider the stems of the corner carnations.

All 4 corners are now done and I quite like it. This being done meant I could move on to the remaining single blocks for the next border. This one is called Harebells and features a hare and my version of the flower Harebells. I have another bluebell block drawn up and wanted to make this one a little different. 
So work is begun...

Now for a blatant plug.....I am visiting this on the weekend...
 I am really looking forward to seeing these amazing artists and of course the subject is where my heart lies as you all know. I am also looking forward to a bit of a meander through our beautiful Botanical Gardens. If you are in Brisbane go and take a peek.
Whatever your weekend holds I wish you enjoyment.
Namaste and Blessings 
Michelle xxx


  1. I wish we had those beautiful trees and birds here! Have fun at your event!!

  2. I love the Jacaranda, and have one in my garden, but it struggles here. I'm really enjoying seeing the design process for Roma, it's coming along really well.

  3. Roma quilt ~L*O*V*E~ our Jacaranda hasn't started to flower yet, but always nice when it does.

  4. I love jacarandas too - unfortunately DH does not share my love...
    I don't wat to hear there is something on at Mt Cootha this weekend - we are going to an outdoor wedding and that means the car parking will be even worse!! grrr - but I'm sure you will enjoy the show...

  5. Hi Michelle oh i do love your Jacaranda and enjoy yourself at the show my friend xx

  6. Your quilt is looking beautiful..clever girl.

  7. What a beautiful bird and the blossom is gorgeous. Have a great weekend. xx

  8. Dear Michelle,
    really like the corner carnations, wonderful solution, looks very pretty.
    And than kyou for the bird picture...(for the girls overseas)....needed that, we don't have the honeyeater over here, he is pretty too.

  9. Oh, I think the Jacarandas were the one thing I loved most about living in Queensland! Have a lovely weekend!

  10. Love Jacarandas. Have a fun weekend. Hugs,xx

  11. lovely post.. I would have loved the art exhibition.... I'm sure you had great fun


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