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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Getting A Head Start!

Today is a  day when the beloved Mister buckles himself into his fav chair and zooms around Mount Panorama in Bathurst (in his head) for the  V8 motor racing. Those of you who are long time followers will remember that I have been driven around the circuit in just about every vehicle we have owned....including towing our van and the opposite of how the race is run. So I know the track well! I have been playing in my sewing cave all day. I do love the Holdens in Aussie land you are usually a Ford or Holden tragic but I  don't want to watch it ALL DAY! So!
Made some more progress on a secret sewing project.

Cut out lots of cute little stockings

It is a nicer green than the me. Just need to decide how I will decorate! I also have some little hearts cut and traced out.

 Are you allowed to love your own pattern? Well I love this one for the hearts and use it a lot...I never tire of using it. 
So all my little makings are ready to go.....
It was quite cool here yesterday and so I  took advantage of the weather and got a good bit of hand quilting done on my Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt...alas today is toooo warm to sit under a quilt.

Maybe if it cools off I may get a little more quilted this evening. 
I hope you are enjoying your Sunday.
I will stay busy until it is time to watch the end of the race...
Have to say "GO HOLDEN"
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx 


  1. Now, I can relate to motor racing much better than footy...I would be happy to watch it but a few too many things to do - but I might tune in later - with some sewing of course!
    OF course you can love your patterns - if you didn't you wouldn't sell them...your hearts are lovely - no doubt about that !

    Go the Holdens!!

  2. A great way to make the most of the day. Looks like you have been very productive with your planning.
    I watched the start of the race and the went to the local craft alive event here. Happily spent several hours there. Now home to watch the end of the race.
    PS I hope you are the person who definitely loves your patterns the most. The rest of us come a very close second! :)

  3. Yet more divine stitching from your needle. I always love everything you make.

  4. Hi Michelle,lots of loveliness on the go there,not into car racing myself,enjoy your time in your sewing room xx

  5. It was a good day for Holden this year with a win for Craig Lowndes,..yes we are Holden fans as well..and lovely projects you are working on..

  6. Lol, I watched Bathurst all day while stitching. I loooove V8 supercar racing and was rather annoyed when they stopped telecasting on free to air TV. Now I am doing the happy dance. Love your little hearts and stockings , no green to be seen just brown so I am glad you told us it was green. That quilt is looking so lovely too. Hope you enjoyed your day. I did....Lowndes won woohooo!

  7. I sewed along in the background to the races today too. I grew up in Bathurst and learned to drive at the top of Mount Panorama (explains my driving!). Too hot for quilting here too, I hope we can both get some more done before summer. Lovely beginnings of Christmas sewing.

  8. Love the look of the projects your working on Michelle.

  9. I feel your pain. THe hubby will watch racing all day if allowed. Great makes on the go and I hope it cools down for you so you can do some more quilting on that gorgeous quilt

  10. Ha, so many hubbies in Australia doing this today :)
    I have stitched that set of Christmas hearts - just have to figure out to finish them now...xx

  11. lovely projects - love the Christmas and wool... I'm a Ford girl myself but also didn't watch... not even the end as I was out but I usually do try and watch a bit...

  12. Michelle there was a bit of crash'n'bang at Panorama this time, I hope hubby didn't fall off his chair!
    Lovely felt hearts & yes I think it's more than fine to love your own designs

  13. Hi Michelle, I have had such a nice time catching up with your posts. You have had some beautiful finishes, I love your dresden quilt and your current hexie quilt, both gorgeous. Lovely projects in magazines too and a beautiful book! And I just love your artwork, you are such a talented lady, Wendy xx

  14. Dear Michelle,
    love your Grandmother's Flowergarden, wonderful handquilting. Hopefully I can quilt mine soon too.

  15. Sounds like a blissful day. xx


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