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Monday, October 5, 2015

Why do I  prefer to be a hand stitcher?? Because I  hate it when you get all set to have a "put things together " day and halfway through little sewing machine decides to  have a spak attack...

Arrgh! Not sure if we had a power surge as it wasn't pretty! After lots of time and fiddling and pulling things to pieces it is back in action...sort of! 
At least I  got a good bit of what I had planned done...

I  did so well yesterday on Roma's Quilt. Thanks for all the advice...I am filing some away for later. After I measured and found with a little bit of jigging and NO fabric purchasing I could have a small plain border..

The next border I is cream and I am  making a long row of hexies to stitch down the middle.

I  can then add the individual blocks next....nice to be finally making headway. 
Just have to make all 96 little hexies! 
On Saturday I had a lovely time at my Graphite "back to basics" workshop. Lots of giggles, nice company and I  learnt a lot. Want to see? 
We had to place our hand on the table in front of us and draw it and then add the shading...I even managed to get my bendy index finger right. Lol!
The other piece was a random wildlife photo placed in front of us.

I was not disappointed to discover that a little kookaburra was my subject.  We did lots of other exercises and my brain was very tired but happy when I got home.
Couldn't sign off with out mentioning our Broncos lost...sad face. But I  was  genuinely thrilled for the North Queensland Cowboys. 

Sooo close! Ah well! There is always next year.
I wish you a joyful week....mine starts tomorrow as it was a public holiday here today.
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Hand stitching is so much more relaxing. It is sometimes too much trouble to unpack the machine but occasionally needs must. The drawings look great.

  2. Your drawings are just fantastic. Why are you a sewer and not an artist??

  3. BTW I hope that machine of yours isn't terminal. :(
    Power surges can do heaps of damage.

  4. Hi Michelle,your quilt is amazing my friend,i love it and those drawings are so good,you are very multi talented Michelle,are you still having some more goodies to sell,lol,i just love my last lot of goodies xx

  5. So to your list you are now a repair person LOL .... Love all your pieces 😍

  6. a gorgeous quilt that you are your was a game and a half..we were neutral watchers over here and found it hard to watch at the end..such lovely photos of JT with his family after wards though.. ( and as the team we follow didn't make the final series this year..maybe next year as well..)

  7. Oh dear looks like the machine needs the paddles to get it's heart started again. That quilt is looking better and better every time I see it.

  8. the borders are coming together beautifully.
    lovely drawings too.

    1. Sorry your Broncos lost Michelle. Nothing worse than when your sewing machine is playing up, however Roma's quilt is looking amazing. LOVE your gorgeous kookaburra - a favourite bird of mine I must admit

  9. The borders make that quilt really stand out beautifully. You will be dreaming about making hexies lol. Love those drawings. What hand cream do you use? Your hand looks so smooth and soft heehe.

  10. I prefer hand work too.The border works really well with the quilt. The applique & hexies really pop. Love the drawings. Hugs,xx

  11. Love how your quilt is coming along. Your pencil drawing's are so good Michelle!!!-wish I could draw!!

  12. Whenever I touch my sewing machine, things seem to go wrong (although my Bernina is much more well behaved than the other two!) Your drawings are! Lastly, it was a good sporting weekend at our place...Hawks won the AFL...Aussies beat England (RU) and even though we are not into RL...I backed the Cowboys!...sorry about your loss ;)

  13. naughty machine... your quilt top is looking sensational..

  14. Beautiful drawing Michelle and yep naughty machine!

  15. That plain red border looks good. Lovely drawings too. Sorry about the Broncos! xx

  16. Love your drawings Michelle just beautiful.Machines can be so tempremental !!

  17. Dear Michelle,
    love the idea of the littel hexies in the middle of the border, will turn out so nice.
    Your drawings are just beautiful, did you make them with the new pencils?

  18. There is nothing more frustrating than your machine playing up when you are ready to get to work. Hope it sorts out!


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