....ohh and pencils and paper

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

I like to revisit designs that I have done earlier sometimes and so it was with this one. I stitched it in a deep raspberry DMC 814 for a change as I have some fabric that I  would like to use with it. I have always loved this design as it perfectly reflects how I feel about Christmas.
I really enjoyed stitching it again.

It is  a cushion pattern but I  think  I  fancy a wall hanging....fabrics here I come!
I have also been playing with this...

It is nice to be doing some stitching.  I have been taking it easy as I have had a sore hand, a bit of "arfa" I feel. So by not stitching every hour that God sends has helped...funny that!
When I  caught up with my friends at stitching last week I received some lovely gifts for my birthday....I know! Still? Well yes it was a lovely surprise. We hadn't been able to catch up as we were all away at different times.
I now have a beautiful project bag from Diane, the cutest tin in the world from Robyn and a sweet, sweet mug from Mary. Thank you girls, you are too lovely. 

Well chores await...and I  promised myself that I  could work on some little designs with my pencils if I  did them. I may even shout myself a coffee in my new pretty mug.
Have a beautiful day.
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx 


  1. This sore hand thing seems to be spreading - hopefully you can give Arfa the flick!
    Very pretty goodies Michelle

  2. It's NiCe not to have a deadline... EnJoY sitting & breathing as well... xox

  3. Lovely stitchery and lovely gifts!
    Hugs Martina

  4. I hope Arfa doesn't visit you too often. Rather a nuisance not being able to stitch as much as you'd like to. What a fantastic birthday... it keeps on keeping on lol. Enjoy.

  5. Hi Michelle,oh your stitchery is so cute and how lovely you are still receiving birthday gifts,enjoy your evening my friend xx

  6. Dear Michelle,
    true sweet Chrismas stitchery and beautiful gifts Michelle, you are so lucky.

    1. Nice to be spoilt from your lovely friends, Ooh I do love that very cute stitchery you are "re-visiting"

  7. Enjoy some slow stitching. Love the pattern you're doing!

  8. Beautiful stitching. Sew nice to just relax and stitch.. Enjoy

  9. I hope your hand comes right with a little rest Michelle. Your stitching is very cute, good designs are timeless :-) Lovely gifts, hope your new mug passed the coffee test!

  10. lovely stitchery and how fun to have an extended birthday!


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