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Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Busy days!

Is it only Wednesday?  Seems to have been very busy so far this week....mainly good kind of busy!
Monday I had this little duo keep me company all day...
Yesterday was art and school pick up.....I was really happy to put my signature finally to my little Tasmanian furry friend "Tassie". I do hope he appreciates all the effort I put into giving him a nice devil like den to live in.
I only had the photo reference for the little devil so I had to invent his home...I was so pleased that it ended up resembling the vision I had in my head. The search for my next little critter model is on....first I must finish a cute Cockatoo who has been waiting patiently.
At night I have been working away on my Roma quilt and after getting back on track after the unsewing episode I have all 4 borders hexied....
After much thought I decided to applique a little single carnation flower in those blank corners.
I am loving the "go with the flow" aspect of designing this quilt. Even if there are a few little bumps that arise along the way....
Today I was treated to another Grandparents Day celebration with our youngest Grandson Cooper...
We were having fun with some drawing and I had a story read to me....
The service was lovely, nice choir singing and delicious morning tea. Very blessed to have these lovely children in my life.
A few little treasures in my poor neglected garden to finish off.
Lily decided to flower for the first time. In my favourite "RED"
 So did the variegated Hibiscus...
and the Star Jasmine is a picture...
I just love the way Nature says "go ahead neglect me...I don't care! I will be stunning anyway!"
Off to play with fabric flowers....carnations!
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. Your Roma is looking lovely - love the border effect, another great piece of artwork. Got to love jasmine and the perfume.

  2. I love your little tassie Michelle & the den you have drawn him is just perfect I think. Your Roma is looking stunning. Your wee grandchildren are pretty perfect too :-)

  3. Hi Michelle Cooper looks very happy to have his grandma with him,i love your tassie drawing,he is very life like.
    And well done with your quilt its looking fantastic,well done my friend xx

  4. Your Tassie picture has finished up great Michelle - I had to look him up as I had never heard of them. The Roma quilt looks super with it's hexie borders. xx

  5. Lovely grandkid time, always something to treasure! Loving that quilt!!

  6. Your Tazzie is amazing. As someone who can't draw a straight line with a ruler I am very envious of your talent

  7. Tassie is so lovely . I am constantly amazed how one draws things so life like. You are certainly multi talented. Great pic of your grandies.

  8. Tassie turned out so very well Michelle, and I love the ferns above his doorway. And then you produce the lovely Roma quilt - so much talent!! Well done red lily...I hope mine makes an effort and produces a bloom asap :)

  9. Love the Roma quilt. Your Tassie devil should be very pleased with his home. You are amazing.

    1. Love your gorgeous "devil" Michelle - so much work, and Roma is looking stunning with her new borders

  10. It's such a wonderful time in the garden right now. Wow, Tassie is perfect! Great work. xx

  11. Beautiful Tassie illustration! Your Roma quilt is looking great. Love the garden flowers!

  12. Your work always blows me away. Your artwork is so flawless, at first I thought that was a photo and you adopted it as a backyard pet. Just a fleeting thought, mind you!

  13. Ow wow Michelle your Tassie is so beautiful! Your quilt is looking lovely and your 'neglected' garden is looking great!

  14. Fabulous drawing of Tassie. Roma is just stunning. I love seeing all the flowers blooming now that spring has arrived. Hugs,xx

  15. It does look like a busy time for you. But enjoyable, too. Lovely times with your grandchildren. It is great to have time with them at school.
    Amazing work on your devil. That is a lovely picture.
    And I am enjoying seeing the progress on your quilt.


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