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Thursday, October 15, 2015

FHFS... and other musings.

Good morning to you all. I belong to a lovely group of ladies who take part in several swaps a year. This one was a "wool/felt" swap. My partner was my lovely friend Cheryll from Gone Stitchin'. My parcels were so beautifully wrapped...

Now Cheryll is a beautiful knitter as well as quilter and she chose to knit me a cosy hottie cover and mittens for when we journey to our southern states. We Banana benders here in sunny Queenland feel the cold.

I  shall be able to read in bed and not get cold hands when I  turn the pages...I also recieved a beautiful soft snuggly scarf, woolen felt goodies, shopping list and a darling bunny needlebook.

Thank you lovely lady for such a spoiling. I adore it all xx
I was also sending to Cheryll and I  remembered a conversation we had about our mutual love of lavender.  So this is the theme I went with. I have had to borrow the piccie from Cheryll as some silly forgot to take a photo.
I began with Lavender wrappings...

I made Cheryll a little runner with stitchery hearts of lavender of course! I also made a felt heart with a teacup and lavender sttichery (loved our cuppa and chats when we were roomies), I espied on my wanderings a lovely lavender tin with lavender smellies inside...well you can't do a lavender theme without that beautiful scent and some lavender dotty fabric. 

It was once again thanks to our little pair of swap faeries Shez and Peg...just lovely. 

Last evening I started appliquing the first border of hexies down...won't bore you with a photo yet.  It occurred to me that I still had a quite a few blocks with applique that I wanted to include for the last big border. Sooo.....
A designing I did go!

I  have my trusty pencil out and am working on getting some drawn up. My challenge has been...because I have been using a 1700's antique quilt for inspiration I have discovered so have others. This is perfectly fine as quite often we fall in love with the same eras and ideas.

Trouble is that I have a violent aversion to doing what others have done...I know personality flaw lol! So trying to make this quilt truly my own and still include some of the blocks and essence about the old quilt that I adore really has set my mind in a whirl. I have mostly been attracted to the EPP components of the quilt and wanted to do my own thing with the rest and the layout. Thankfully today my inspiration muse came calling, 4am to be exact and hence some blocks are in the process of being born. Big *sigh*  So watch this space...only about 14 more blocks needed!! Oh not all applique but quite a few.
Well I must get back to manservant (Mr R.) has very kindly made me a cup of my favourite brew and my pencil awaits. 
Namaste and Blessings Michelle xxx


  1. both your parcels are amazing and inventive.... I'm liking the look of your block designs.

  2. Lovely gifts, given and received. xx

  3. The gifts you received are lovely and special. I hope you enjoy them.
    Your stitching in your gifts is beautiful. And how personal to know what your partner enjoys. Lovely.

  4. Great gifts and they've been wrapped beautifully

  5. Sweet gifts and so prettily wrapped! I too, wake in the night and have to scribble down a design so I don't forget it by morning. LOL

  6. Hi Michelle,what beautiful gifts both sent and received,you were both very clever with your parcels.Cant wait to see what ideas you come up with Michelle,enjoy your evening my friend xx

  7. Wow! Beautiful gifts you received and many beautiful gifts you made too. I understand your predicament wanting to make the quilt your own. Sometimes it is best not to over think things, walk away and go back to it quite a while later. Maybe a shower with all those negative ions will get those ideas pumping, I know it works for me. Either that receiving inspiration at 3.00am! LOL.

  8. Such amazing gifts sent and received!!
    Looking forward to seeing those ideas translate to fabric loveliness
    Happy creating

  9. Dear Michelle,
    lovely gifts and yes, I am looking forward to the new design, how exciting.

  10. Beautiful gifts received and sent.

  11. Lovely shade of green! What fun to use your hottie and mitts, and that lovely warm scarf. You must go to Tasmania immediately :) xx

    1. It was such a fun theme this time around with the wool/wool felt and both you and Cheryll made some yummy gifts between you. Can't wait to see what you came up with for your applique blocks Michelle

  12. Gorgeous swap items!!! You're both very lucky to have such talented partners.

  13. Beautiful gifts sent and received, looking forward to seeing the borders

  14. Beautiful swap parcels and goodies Michelle! Looking forward to seeing the progress on your quilt.


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