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Monday, October 26, 2015

Lazy Sunday

As I told you last post I was going to visit our Botanical Gardens particularly the auditorium to view the Queensland Wildlife Artists "Wild Australia" exhibition. I loved wandering around looking at the talent of these very clever artists. No photos of the art work was permitted understandably but I did get permission to get a photo with my very talented art teacher, wild life artist Sandra Temple.
That's her beautiful piece behind us. My fellow classmate and another talented artist Diane Smith was demonstrating her amazing scratchboard technique there so I twisted her arm for a piccie too.
Lunch was then in order and it is always very nice sitting overlooking the lagoon.
We also had a local resident water dragon making sure we minded our manners at lunch...
Even though it has been quite dry it was still lovely to go for a meander through the gardens. I took loads of reference photos of busy ducks and water dragons and lots of rocks and foliage.

 I love the domed hot house...
Lots of exotics growing in the humid conditions...
Woops! Not that one.... this one.....hahaha!
Mr R. just couldn't resist having a sit in this special sculpture in the Fern House called  "Chair" by Kenneth Armitage from the 1988 expo
Love the little rock pools....
Pretty water lillies...
Busy little bees....
Exquisite Magnolia blooms...
and lots of other unusual pretties....
All in all a very nice day for a wander....hope you enjoyed your Sunday too...
Namaste and Blessings,
Michelle xxx


  1. What stunning gardens and I know you would have enjoyed all that beautiful artwork Michelle. Wonderrful way to spend the day

  2. wow Michelle such beautiful pics and i love the one of you sitting by the pond,oh and i love your sandels,enjoy your evening my friend xx

  3. Beautiful post Michelle....those water lilies remind me of Mknet's. Look forward to seeing your sketches!

  4. Just catching up on blogs here. The gardens are lovely, and fun to visit. I'm sure you loved the Wild Australia exhibition - next year you should be there too! Lovely jacaranda to finish. xx

  5. What a lovely day! Your pictures are beautiful. How large are those water dragons? They look scary.

  6. What a beautiful place to visit, stunning gardens.

  7. A lovely day out. Love the gardens. Must go for a visit again sometime soon. Hugs,xx

  8. Sounds like a lovely day and I enjoyed your photos .

  9. looks like just the perfect day and you and Mr R look very relaxed and happy...

  10. It was a lovely day on Sunday apart from a few showers. Lovely pics of the wildlife and trees.

  11. Lovely photos Michelle! I loved that chair too when I took 2 of the LGS girls there in March. Did the cheeky bird that 'lives' on the rafters of the cafe veranda swoop down for leftovers like it did to us? Lol

  12. Beautiful gardens - what a lovely way to spend a Sunday. xx

  13. What a delightful post! My Sunday was just another day, but I certainly enjoyed yours!

  14. How lovely to enjoy some time here. Beautiful!


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