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Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend doings.

Just as I sat down to write this post the postie bought me a lovley big parcel and inside were lots of lovely gifts from MARGARET my 'Friends' swap partner....I was very spoilt with lots of goodies and the choccie might make it to morning tea. I was very thrilled to recieve from Magaret a gorgeous addition to my Cranberry/white collection...a Royal Albert sugar bowl. Even the box is Cranberry/white. Yum!
All my "Friends" Swap goodies from Margaret.
My beautiful "Royal Albert" gift from Margaret.
Thank you so much Margaret for your thoughtfulness and lovley gifts.

I also wanted to share my doings on the weekend. My husband bought me  a free standing vegie tub last year so as I could pretend I  really was the hippie, earth Mother, vegie growing type I so longed to be.
We didn't get to fill it or plant anything because of the incredibly wet Spring and Summer last year (they would have drowned). So on Saturday whilst I was made beautiful at my hairdressers No 1 Husband went and got some beauitful organic soil......have you have ever shovelled soil with newly coiffured hair??? Well I did AND added my home grown compost to the mix along with resident earth worms (very chuffed about those fellows). I have planted all the little seedlings and companion plants, basil and marigolds (confuses the bugs apparently) I have mulched and given them a weak drink of 'worm tea' (don't ask). So there is no reason for these vegies not to grow....I even gave them Reiki (neighbours think I'm nuts anyway).
I shall keep you informed of their progress (I can hear you all yawning out there) it too much to want my very own cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and lettuce from my garden and grown with my hands.
Isn't it pretty all planted out.
Husband's strawberry plant...he thinks 'cos it came with fruit there will be more!
Companion Planting......don't I sound clever!
At least with Husband involved I have some one to blame if it all goes pair shaped (sorry).
Have a great day all
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. lovely swappies Michelle... and great with the veges... I am already eating lettuce and rocket ... it is so fun eating home grown.. .besides it tasting so good....

  2. I've tried to leave a couple of messages lately and bad blogger wouldn't let me. Hopefully you'll get this one. Good luck with the veggie garden, it will be lovely eating your home grown produce.

  3. Hope your tomatoes do better than the pathetic crop I got this year. Of course you have a better chance of actually getting sunshine which is half the battle!!

  4. I'm sure your garden will grow. Our strawberry plant has baby strawberries.. just hope the birds don't get the fruit. what lovely swaps you got.

  5. Lovely Goodies Especially the Gorgeous Sugar Bowl so Pretty...
    Love your New Vegie Patch..something else to keep You Busy!!

  6. G'day Michelle. That's a great pressie to recieve and the sugar bowl is just gorgeous. Good luck with the vegie growing. I am thinking of getting one of those containers at some stage. Take care. Liz...

  7. Wonderful start to your garden. With all that goodness you are sure to reap the rewards. The hard part is the waiting!!

  8. I'm pretty confident someone will water that garden and coax those plants to find the will to live despite your alleged black thumb!

  9. Nothing better than home grown tomatoes - fortunately I do have success with them, as opposed to other vegies which seem to laugh in the face of my encouragement!

  10. Hello Michelle,

    Margaret sent you some very special presents. Good luck with the veg growing. You and hubby should have a veg growing competition to see who gets the best one.
    Happy days.

  11. Lovely gifts , the sugar bowl is gorgeous. Oh I think with all that pampering your garden will grow very well , great idea and you will soon enjoy your efforts. hugs Sheila

  12. You have been very spoilt Michelle.. Good luck with your vegie garden.. there is nothing like home grown.. We must start ours too..

  13. The gifts are beautiful, I love the sugar bowl. Your garden looks wonderful, sounds like you have done all the right things for a bumper crop!


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