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Monday, September 5, 2011

Riverfire 2011

Beautiful sculpture lit from within at the top of town amongst excited crowds looking for a good spot to view the fireworks.
In September each year the Brisbane Festival begins with a spectacular fireworks display out over the Brisbane River called "Riverfire". It is a wonderful sight to see. The company my husband works for owns a highrise building on the riverfront and hosted a draw for interested staff members to have a vantage point in the building to view "Riverfire" and he won a spot. So we took our eldest grandson and his parents into the city by train. Grandson loved the train ride (being a huge fan of Thomas ). It was truly awesome from the 33rd  floor through ceiling to almost floor windows. I took lots of photos but most a bit of a blur these were the best of them and really doesn't do the whole experience justice of course.
A Snack  and making ourself comfortable before the action starts
Spectacular beginning
The view from our vantage point. It is incredible to think all the area on the right bank of the river was flooded 6 months ago. I love our "Southbank Parklands" and so glad to see them getting back to their former glory.
Cool & Awesome were the words used by our Grandson...we agree!
Stupendous Finale!
It was on my bucket list to see Riverfire from on high and now I have. It was just wonderful and it makes me proud to be a Brisbaneite. Love our City.
Thanks Grampy for having the lucky ticket too!
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. very cool and awesome! Love the ball sculpture.

  2. Wow! That looks incredible. What a wonderful view!!

  3. How lovely to get that view... I watched on TV... spectacular - we went a few years ago... am looking forward to taking my grandies one year...

  4. Wow, how fantastic. I think your grandson will remember it forever.

  5. I think cool and awesome really does describe this incredible sight ,wow! If I lived there it would be on my bucket list too;-)

  6. What a wonderful time of the year! How you had all the fun! Hugs!

  7. Those pictures are amazing Michelle. What a wonderful way to spend an evening.

  8. great post and pics Michelle

  9. Beautiful pictures, what a wonderful evening! Your father's day post was lovely.

  10. How lucky was that. The pictures are awesome. What a cute grandson.


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