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Monday, September 12, 2011

I think I shall live and "Nice" really does Matter!

Well some of you may have noticed I have been missing in action. It seems a very nasty virus "bushwacked" me  as we say downunder and gave me a throat full of razor blades for 5 days, no voice (can you imagine ME not being able to talk) and a bark like a drovers dog. I don't remember the last time I took to my bed through illness but I did with this. Husband knew I was truly ill when I didn't respond to his "you've got lots of emails here!"There were some funny moments instructions from a mute person to a husband who is deaf!!!  Told to "sing out if you need anything" Derr! Getting in to trouble for not eating all my dinner that he had so thoughtfully cooked ....and the fact that it wouldn't go past the razor blades just didn't hold up in court. I am pleased to say I am at least on my feet and I at least have a 'croak' with which to converse and anyone who knows me knows I don't give up the 'gift of the gab' easily. I had been feeling so good about not sucumbing to any of the bugs going around. "Smugness" does not pay off!
While I was feeling so dreadful Husband bought the mail in and gave me a parcel addressed to me. Inside it was wrapped in pristine white tissue with a gorgeous card attached which said "Just because" the nicest words from the very kind and thoughtful FIONA from bubzrugz. Inside the tissue were two beautiful vintage dish cloths with Apples (one of my favourites) appliqued on them. They are gorgeous and will only be used for the "good" dishes. Fiona's act of kindness cheered me up considerably when I felt so awful...she is such a sweetie. So I think Kindness & Niceness should never be undervalued...they matter so much!
Thanks so much Fiona.
In the early days of my blog I gave some sneak peeks of a quilt I was working on for Country Threads Magazine and it has now been published so I thought I would give you a look see at how it turned out. It's called "Heartspun" and is in Vol 12 No 3. It even made it to the cover. Just chuffed not boasting!
It is good to be back and missed reading all your blogs and finding out what everyone has been up to.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. So sorry to hear you have been ill, what a bummer ,glad you are coming around and hopefully your voice will be back to normal real soon. Congratulations on the quilt being published on the front cover ,I will just have to get that magazine! Love the dishtowels from Fiona , what a sweetheart!

  2. So glad to hear your doing ok now. Your quilt is so pretty. Congrats on getting it put in a magazine. Is the pattern in the book too. I was trying to tell what size it was but couldn't even guess. Guess I need to get the book. Take care hope your hubby doesn't catch it. PS WHAT DARLING LITTLE APPLES.Trish

  3. I'm glad to hear you're feeling better - we had something similar going around our household, it was dreadful! You're right, smugness doesn't pay. What a lovely gift from Fiona - she is such a dear!
    I adore your quilt hon, congrats on being a cover girl, I'm not surprised they wanted to show it off!!!

  4. Hey Michelle, I'm glad to hear you are feeling better! Sounded like you needed to be in bed! Love the new quilt in Country Threads-now on my to buy list. Drink heaps of lemon and honey.

  5. Sorry to hear you've been unwell but glad to hear you are getting better. Lovely gift from Fiona. The quilt is gorgeous. Hugs,

  6. I thought you might be under the weather Michelle because you're usually so regular about posting and emailing and such. Sorry to hear you've been sick but very glad to hear you're on the mend.

    Congratulations on the front cover. The quilt looks fabulous! I'll have to buy the issue and send it to you for signing !

  7. Wonderful that you are feeling so much better... and I saw your quilt in the magazine it is very cute xxx

  8. Only you could make your sickness sound so amusing... but I know it wasn't ... Glad you are better.... Love your pattern.. well done.... so nice to have it onthe front cover....

  9. what a lovely addition to your apple collection! but I must contest are there ever 'good' dishes.
    Glad you are on the mend and well done on your pattern in the mag. Will look out for it.

  10. Michelle you are so cute. I am sorry you have not been feeling well, but I am so glad you are feeling better. That was so sweet of Fiona to think of you. Congratulations on your pattern in the magazine. What a beautiful quilt. I would love to have the pattern. I am going to have to try and find the magazine.

  11. Crook is not good. Especially when it sends you to bed. Glad you are on the right side of it now. Nothing more frustrating!
    Your cloths are gorgeous. I remember seeing them on Fiona's site when she made them.
    But most importantly, congratulations on the publication of your quilt in the magazine. And to make the front cover makes it extra special!! Lovely work and well deserved!!!

  12. We have the razor blades here now.. didn't know the internet was contagious, but there you go!! Smugness does not pay! I love your new quilt design.. your brain must be constantly buzzing!! Dear Fiona, what a kind soul..


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