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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tuesday's Treasure with Melody and September Giveaway winners.

Good morning everyone! It's Tuesday again a favourite of mine as I get to visit MELODY'S lovely blog to see what  Treasures she and all of you are sharing today. Go for a visit you'll love it.
Today my Treasure is my love of "Buttons". I can't resist an old button especially. I have loved them for as long as I can remember. My first memory of buttons was playing in my Nanna's old button tin. I love them all the sweet little pearl ones, glass ones, bakelite ones, vintage, antique, handpainted and ceramic.
Button, buttons and more buttons!
I love them huge down to teeny tiny and all the sizes in between.
I love to see them in jars and tins, on quilts and cushions and lovely items of clothing, on handmade cards and I cannot resist a cute Christmas button. The list goes on. For such a simple little thing I think "Buttons" have gone beyond their humble beginnings and some now are works of art....So! Here's to the humble "Button".
What's your Treasure today? What or who do you love?

Antique and glass ones

Vintage buttons.
Lovely Mother of Pearl buttons on my quilt.
September Winners:
First prize winner is Rosalie (Briar Rose) from Village Quilters and the 2nd draw winner is Donna from Donna's Lavender Nest. Your gifties will be winging there way to you soon. Congratulations!
I just want to say thank you to everyone who joins in on my giveaways. I get as much pleasure from doing them as I hope the winners get from receiving their little wins.
A little favorite of mine:
"A candle's light does not dim when other candles are lit from it's flame"
So share your special light (you do have it you know) with all who come to you.
Blessings Michelle xx


  1. Buttons! Oh joy! I love buttons too. There is something so wonderful about running your fingers through a tin or jar of buttons. I, too, grew up playing in my Nana's button tin. When we were old enough to manage a needle, we were allowed to stitch buttons onto scraps of cloth that Nana kept in her tin. I am lucky to have her collection as well as my Mum's, added to my own. I fully intend to share the "button experience" with my own grandchildren :)

  2. Hi Michelle. I was happily reading your Tuesday Treasure post, loving the Buttons,as I have an enormous Button collection also, then I got to the end and saw my name as the winner of your September Giveaway, Wow I was so excited, I nearly fell off my chair. thank you so much, I am thrilled to bits. Hugs R.

  3. G'day Michelle. I too have a love of buttons and am lucky to have the original sewing baskets that belonged to my maternal grandmother (an old tin) my mother and hubbys mother and in these beautiful items are numerous buttons of all shapes and sizes and colours. I should use them, but just can't make myself do it. I have my grandmothers treadle machine set up in our lounge room and the sewing baskets with their contents are all on display. I just adore them. Take care. Liz...

  4. What a lot of buttons Michelle that is a great collection,have a lovely day.

  5. Thank you so much for linking this fabulous post to Tuesday Treasures. We really are kindred spirits as I too adore buttons. It's funny that Rosalie won the giveaway on this post as she is the button queen

  6. Melody has just said it. Rosalie is our button lady and she has a big collection like yours. I'm with Lindi, as I too used to play with my Grandma's buttons and then my mum's button box. There is just something about feeling them in your hands.

  7. I remember playing in my Grannies buttons... sadly I wasn't into crafting and didn't keep them... but I did keep the button basket and am now collecting for my grandies to play with!! A never ending cycle.... I love your tins of them... lots of play time....

  8. That's some collection you have there. And some very special memories, too!

  9. Buttons are a big love of mine. Love running my fingers thru them. I have them everywhere thru the house, in jars,tins, bowls etc.
    Love your collection and your memories.

  10. I love buttons too. I am happy to add them to my quilts too.
    I like your saying.

  11. Ooh I love buttons too Michelle. I am always on the lookout in secondhand shops for vintage buttons. You have a lovely collection.

  12. Michelle, who doesn't love buttons!!! The older the better.. I too have a huge collection and still look for more.. There is such a history behind them...

  13. Michelle I love buttons too and my first memories of playing with buttons was also my grandmothers , she had an old treadle machine and in the drawer there were always odd buttons , probably off of clothing but I was so fascinated by them. hugs

  14. What a fabulous collection. I also love buttons but I only have a few . Thanks for sharing.

  15. Congratulations to those lucky winners!

    I love playing with buttons and fondly recall the days when almost everyone had a button box. They were such great places to go for a look and a play.

    I have a few vintage buttons in my collection but I suspect nothing like all your lovelies.

  16. I adore vintage buttons too - love them SO much! Congratulations to your winners, hon!


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